Word of Wisdom For BOTOX Users and Seekers

BOTOX is a concentrated drug extracted from certain species of neurotoxic bacterium. It is mainly composed of a protein, called botullium type A. The protein deriving from the bacterium is sterilized to create this injectable dermal filler.

A certain amount of the filler is injected subcutaneously into the muscles in selective areas of the face, which, in a few minutes constricts the capillaries and blocks a certain amount of skin elasticity. As a result the person, cannot move, or smile for a few hours after the procedure. After a few hours, the patient can show empathy normally, but the contraction lasts longer and the lack of skin elasticity persists, that limits the appearance of fine lines even as the person smiles, frowns, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, BOTOX will not be greatly effective for the relaxation of wrinkles, it is but for fine lines. Wrinkles are deeper grooves of skin that takes something more powerful than BOTOX and permissible dosage. Fine lines or the initial signs of aging are more probable, with significant treatable areas including, crow’s feet beside the eyes, smile line and glabbelar or frown lines. This is the ultimate illusion of defying aging signs making a person appear younger, by paralyzing facial muscles.

Are You Using Your BOTOX Right?—Dosage and Concentration Of BOTOX

There is a type A and B for the botullium protein and both are FDA approved. The type A is approved for use as the cosmetic anti-aging treatment. BOTOX comes as a frozen powder in an airless vial, which the physician reconstitutes the filler before injection with saline.

The saline is measured in CCs, while the BOTOX is measured in units, the dilution of the BOTOX unit and the saline cc’s varies per patient, and per surgeon, depending on mild, moderate and severe lines. The permissible dosage is 4units per 0.1cc for one area, and for up to 5 multiple areas treated under one session is permissible to be a total of up to 20units of BOTOX, and 0.5cc of saline.

Word Of Wisdom For Seeking Patients of BOTOX

Many individuals prioritize their appearance to be the focal point of their happiness and well-being, and many times to their denial. For such individuals, wrinkle free skin and good density of hair pose as the sense of youth over a healthy body and mind. To such a person aging signs can be extremely disquieting be it wrinkles or hair loss, so much so that they are prone to commit to any reversal or preventing treatment to be “done”, as soon as they hear the word.

The same goes for BOTOX, be it for fine lines or hair loss treatment. As celebrities and movie stars use this product for their personal gain, they also, indirectly, end up appearing as the ultimate promotional tool of it to allure self-conscious individuals to opt for it.

Wrinkles are not the only sign of age, hence not having them is not the obvious way to look young. A person’s visage changes, with or without wrinkles and the most important thing that matters with youth and age, is health and fitness.

Not only are these products highly expensive, they also involve the person’s health and have their own set of risks and limitations that invoke a factor of candidacy. Medical practitioners, especially like an elective region like cosmetic dermatology encourage seeking patients to do their research before a decision. This includes research before putting full faith in choosing the surgeon/practitioner, understand the procedure and have realistic expectations. Always contradict and second-guess the pros and conceive the cons, and the fact as to what might work for you.

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