What Type of Massage Should You Get Your Spouse?

If you’re really looking to pamper your spouse or significant other, then a massage is a great way to do that. You may be thinking that there is really only one option available; after all, a massage is a massage, right? That’s actually very far from being the case. There are a number of options that you will need to consider before purchasing a massage for your loved one. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can book the right kind of massage.

Individual or Couples Massage?

If your spouse needs some “me” time, then an individual massage could be exactly what they need. They will be able to get away from the house and any daily stresses so that they can focus solely on themselves. But if the 2 of you are really in need of some “we” time, then consider booking a couples massage in Boston, MA. This allows the 2 of you to relax together, enjoying peace and serenity while also enjoying each other’s company.

What Style of Massage?

There are also a number of different styles of massage that you should consider when purchasing a treatment for your loved one. Here are a few of the common massage types offered at spas and how they differ from one another:

  • Basic massage (sometimes called a Swedish massage) – Uses basic pressure and muscle manipulation to promote relaxation and comfort.
  • Deep tissue – Uses more intense pressure to help loosen knots and relieve severe tension and muscle pain.
  • Aromatherapy – Uses essential oils during the massage for different effects; you will be able to choose what oils to use depending on the effect you desire.
  • Hot stone massage – Uses heated stones on the skin to help promote muscle relaxation during the massage.

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of options listed under the spa’s services, you can always ask an employee what they would recommend. They will likely ask questions about your spouse’s needs, so if you don’t know what your spouse may want, then you may be better off purchasing a voucher or gift card and allowing them to choose what massage they want.

One Treatment or a Package?

Many spas offer discounted rates on massages and other treatments when they are bought in a package. So if you really want to pamper your spouse, consider grouping the massage with a facial or other spa treatment. Or, you can buy a package of massage treatments so that they can come back and pamper themselves many times.

Whether you choose an individual massage or a couples massage in Boston, MA, your spouse is sure to appreciate the pampering they’ll receive.

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