What Happens When You Get Hair Growth Shampoo For Men?

Men are very likely to suffer from hair loss and the issues that come with it. A receding hair line, bald patches and thinning to an extent that the scalp starts to show and even complete baldness at an unexpected age, all this and more happens with men. There are products that help in fixing these problems to a certain extent. But are the promises made by the best hair thickening shampoo, the best cosmetic procedures and the so called permanent hair-growth products always true? It is easy to judge once you have a better knowledge of what these products are made of and how they work. What exactly happens when someone chooses to get hair growth shampoo for men and how to know a good brand from an unreliable one?

Here are three most important things that you should know.

  • The contents of hair-growth shampoos

Most of the hair-thickening and hair-growth shampoos are made of a water base, thickening agents and added fragrances. Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamide and Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride are the other main ingredients. Additional contents include glycerine, oils extracted from herbs like rosemary, tea-tree, lavender etc.

  • The effects of the shampoos

All the hair-thickening shampoos for men work in one similar pattern. They make every hair strand to swell up for as long as the head is not washed again with a regular shampoo. In order to maintain the thickness of the strands, the same thickening shampoo must be used again. Ultimately, the swollen strands begin to lend a fuller appearance to the head.

  • Using the shampoo

There are no special instructions and recommendations regarding how these shampoos are to be used. They must be applied just like any other regular alternatives. However, the frequency of their use needs to be highly limited. The reason is their tendency to leave a lot of residue on the strands. After all, the thickening agents that lead to the favorable swelling must be washed away every once in a while to protect the natural health of the hair.

Thickening shampoos should not be expected to work magically. You must remember that these are not meant for boosting hair health because they do not contain any nutritional properties. They are only useful for an aesthetic purpose because they create an illusion of thicker hair. So, using these shampoos is really great when you wish to hide your balding symptoms or when you have to give a different and healthier look to your hair.

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