What Factors Lead To A Healthy Head of Hair?

Are you frustrated with hair loss? Have you used products and solutions and simply weren’t satisfied with the results? Can’t understand why your hair continues to be frail and brittle? There is hope. You can enjoy healthier, stronger and thicker hair all while preventing hair loss. It’s a fact, both men and women suffer from frizzy, weakened or thinning hair problems. Buying expensive shampoos, messy solutions or even having invasive surgical procedures isn’t necessarily always the answer. The good news is, there are other alternatives out there and having a better understanding of what it takes in order to have healthier hair could be a very powerful tool and  be beneficial in your overall health as well.

It starts from within. It’s all about having the right balance of vitamins and nutrients in order to start to promote healthy, strong hair.  There are many vitamins and nutrients that are neccessary to support a healthy scalp and help revitalize your hair follicles which can promote hair cell growth. There are others that help to maintain hair elasticity and help keep the luster while preventing shedding. Then there are some that help with preventing breakage while strengthening, which aids in the  increasing of hair density, shine and overall health of your hair.

Some of the key vitamins and nutrients include Vitamin B and Biotin, both of which are responsible for keeping a healthy scalp which will in turn promote stronger hair and better hair growth.

Niacin, which expedites blood circulation, revitalizes the hair follicles, promotes growth and helps prevent hair loss.

Vitamin C, which is one of the most effective nutrients to help grow and strengthen. It is full of anti-oxidant properties which reduce the damage caused by free radicals which can do a lot of harm to your hair. Dry and splitting hair can be associated with having a low-level of vitamin C in your blood causing the hair to break off.

Another important vitamin is Vitamin D. What some people might not know is that Vitamin D is not only is good for reducing pain and stress on joints as well as boosts your immunity, but another one of the benefits is, the life cycles of hair follicles can be regulated with this vitamin. When there is a deficiency in this vitamin, the follicles can experience a shorter life cycle which, in turn, promotes hair loss. 

When the hair follicle cells become malnourished this is what leads to thinning, loss of hair and weakness of your strands. Because our bodies cannot store vitamins, It is important to replenish vitamins continuously in our body.

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