What Body Parts Does Vitamin E Help

How does vitamin E oil help your face?

Vitamin E comes with many health benefits and this is why it is important that it is included in the diet in the right amounts at all times. While the main job of this vitamin is supporting the cell membranes, the vitamin also helps a lot in increasing the flow of blood as well as strengthening your muscles, heart, nerves and even your skin as well. There are various sources of vitamin E and you will mostly find it in leafy vegetables such as spinach and also in fruits like mangoes and raspberries. Using vitamin E oil on the face is highly recommended for many reasons with the top ones being:

  1. i.                    Moisturizing your skin

There is no doubt to the fact that vitamin E oil tends to work as a very excellent moisturizer. Simply wash your face using some warm soapy water and then make sure that it is completely dry before you apply vitamin E oil on the face using a clean piece of cotton.  Doing this will make your skin incredibly moisturized and thanks to the oxidants that the oil has, this will make your skin to start glowing. However, avoid applying the vitamin E oil on your face on a daily basis as it is not a daily moisturizer.

  1. ii.                  Preventing and relieving sunburn

The antioxidant property of vitamin E makes it work similar to a sun cream and does an excellent job in ensuring that your skin is not damaged by the sunrays. This way, the vitamin helps in ensuring that your skin is not damaged by the sun rays and you can be sure that it is incredibly effective. Just buy some vitamin E oil and mix it in your sunscreen and you will certainly enjoy some great results.

  1. iii.                Toning and cleaning your face

Unknowingly to many people, vitamin E oil is a very effective toning agent and you can bet that using it will benefit your face in an incredible way. Just put some oil on cotton and then start wiping your face gently with it. Also, consider rubbing the oil in circular motions on your skin. You will be thrilled to know that vitamin E oil is not just a cleaner but also helps a lot in making your face have a softer and smoother feel.

  1. iv.                Fade birthmarks

Those people who have birthmarks on areas that are visible such as their faces tend to feel very self conscious and greatly embarrassed about them. However, you can apply vitamin E oil gently on them and this will significantly reduce their prominence. Even though there is no scientific evidence for this, great success has been reported.





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