Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms in Women

Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms in Women

Each day, women are advised to consume adequate levels of b vitamins to avoid the serious health repercussions that are associated with vitamin b deficiency. Vitamin b contributes greatly to many different aspects of the body ranging from boosting production of red blood cells to enhancing proper brain function. Lactating or pregnant women are in particular advised to be very careful about vitamin b deficiency as they are more vulnerable to suffering a deficiency of this rather important nutrient.

A deficiency of this vitamin is essentially associated with many health problems including:

Stomach discomfort

People with vitamin b deficiency are highly likely to experience a persistent discomfort in the stomach like a reduced appetite or nausea. Difficult or infrequent bowel movement which is otherwise known as constipation can also occur as well and might even result in cramping or abdominal pain. If the constipation or stomach discomfort is left untreated, this might lead to more serious medical complications like bowel impaction that you must avoid at all costs.

Tingling or numbness

When you are suffering from vitamin b deficiency, the central nervous system of your body will be unable to function normally not to mention that it can even become damaged as well. More often than not, it is also possible for to experience tingling in the extremities or unusual numbness sensations. In most cases, the skin of the patient also tends to have a rather unusual pale look and you might even find these sensations hindering you from using the feet or hands normally.

Weakness or fatigue

Poor production of red blood cells that is usually caused by vitamin b deficiency can also lead to general fatigue and body weakness. With reduced amounts of red blood cells in the body, this can lead to less oxygen being transported to your cells, tissues and organs and this can even be a recipe for even more problems. Excessive fatigue can have adverse effects on your life as you are unable to concentrate and undertake your daily routines.

Mood/ mental changes

Vitamin b deficiency may also reduce the level of oxygen that your brain neurons receive and this can seriously compromise your health. Poor levels of oxygen in the brain may affect the rate of signal transmission by the neurons via your body. Considering all these serious effects of vitamin b deficiency on your body, it is important that you make a point of eating foods rich in vitamin b always.




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