VASER Liposuction For Gluteal and Breast Enhancement

It is not appropriate to seek “enlargement” with this procedure, rather the enhancement might the right concept. The injection of fat can only contour the breast or gluteal region with a fuller volume, but there is no guarantee of increase in size.

Patients are indicated to refrain from drugs based on individual patient’s drug usage that typically includes aspirins, vitamin supplements; non-steroidal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs etc.

Patients who smoke must refrain from it for several weeks before and after the surgery

Even though it is an outpatient surgery, patients are going to need someone to accompany them home and at least the first night of the surgery. It is wise to arrange someone, a friend or hire help.

Fat grafting breast augmentation or gluteal enhancement is largely performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia and patients can go home on the day of the surgery. It is quite a simple and minimal invasive procedure compared to the traditional breast implantation, including with the incision types, placement types etc.

However, the process of fat grafting spans longer than a traditional breast implantation or buttock lift procedure as it takes careful assessment to harvest the fatty tissues and to refine the filler to inject into the body.

Plastic surgeons unanimously use ultrasound assisted Vaser Liposuction for extracting the fat, that can promisingly be minimal invasive and very precise in removing the fat selectively from the targeted area without causing bruising and scarring.

The procedure begins with extracting the fat from the predetermined donor area. Usually multiple areas of the body is selected to harvest the fat, in a bid to achieve a full body proportion in the process.

In some cases patients are recommended to wear external tissue expanders (Brava) to prepare the breast and allow it to naturally growing more tissue and increase vascularity creating more natural space to receive the breast fillers.

The procedure begins with anaesthetising the donor area by subcutaneously injecting a wet or super wet local anaesthesia that numbs and stiffens the area. Then the VASER Lipo probe is inserted into the skin via small adits or 1.5-2mm tiny incisions. The surgeon brisk the VASER LIpo probe into the fatty tissues in order to break it, whilst the ultrasound releases pulsed vibrations that make the job easier by melting down the fat from deep layers in minutes without the need of strenuous poking of the cannula and the risk of any tissue damage or bruising.

Once the surgeon is satisfied with breaking the fat all inclusively and evenly from the donor zone, the fat is aspirated out of the body and stored in a sterilized medical container. Then the extracted fat is purified from the anaesthetic solution, and other impurities, to prepare the refined breast fillers.

The fillers are injected into the breasts or buttock carefully, layer by layer to achieve a desired augmentation and contouring. Injecting small amounts of fat fillers gives better precision as well as definition, as opposed to a large transfer at once. This also fulfils minor asymmetry or irregularities more inclusively.

The best thing about fat grafting that it requires minimal downtime and quick recovery, and when performed on best candidates the procedure can be predictable.

Downtime is not more than 2weeks. The first night is likely to feel sore and discomforting.

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