VASER Liposuction For Abs Enhancements at Harley Street

VASER Hi Def is a mechanism based on ultrasound liposuction, capable of creating artificial musculature definition of six pack abs for men and  turtle abs for women  along with many other detailed curvatures of muscles. This is an FDA approved form of liposuction, but the mechanism is much different from the traditional manual process, and body sculpting being a unique achievement.

The procedure yields remarkeable results with a single procedure, usually not requiring any second session. With the help of a talnented surgeon, the six packs look as naturalistic as real. This is a minimal invasive surgery, without any sort of discomfort during the operation. Downtime spans from 7-10days, but it takes about 4months for the six packs to appear.

Though this is slightly different from traditional liposuction by the means of the mechanism like  ultrasound technology and sculpting cannulas, the course of procedure remains the same throughout.  No matter what equipment is used, be it manual or automated, it all includes infiltrating a wetting solution, breaking the fat with a cannula and aspiration.

The specially designed probes are blunt in dimension and cannot capably injure any internal nerves, viens or organ while undertaking the procedure.

Benefits of VASER Hi Def Lipo Over Traditional Lipo

When it comes to fat reducation, it doesn’t really make a huge difference whether traditional lipo or ultrasound or any other equipment is used, since as mentioned, the course of the procedure remains the same. However, the “body sculpting” feature is a unique thing about VASER Hi Def, and additionally, the ultrasound is received as a great aid to the manual process.

  • Naturalistic muscle definition
  • Single surgery results with speedy recovery
  • Easily removes fatty layers with minimal risk of bruising or scarring
  • Can tighten minor skin sagginess and wrinkles in treatable area

About Body Sculpting

Body sculpturing comes second to body contouring and enhances the distinct curves and muscle defitions of one’s body.  The fat localization is reduced and makes the area flat and firm. This conjunction of contouring and defition give one the heightened sense of perfection about their body.

The six packs abs seem completely natural but are not.  It grooves one’s own fat to create an illusion. It can also speed up the process of acquiring the original defition with diet and exercise, and works as a viable accomplice to the achive such an aesthetic goal.

The best way to utilize the benefits of VASER Hi Def Lipo is to undertake a regular healthy diet and exercise. And the realistic projection of the abs is created with organic means and is a great step towards achieving a toned body with little effort.

How Is Body Sculpting Slightly Different With Women?

It wouldn’t be shocking to know that women  are  the most popular  seekers of VASER Hi Def procedure to achieve the sculpted body. However the pulses which are involved in this procedure may not be quite a pleasing scene for women.

VASER Mid Def is more exclusive to body sculpting for women. It enhances the soft undertones distinct to women’s muscle definition. It fulfiles the requirement of something more than standard lipo, and subtle than the high defition.

But the hardest part about fat eliminating procedure is that a certain amount of fat may come back if the diet is not maintained properly. So proper dieting and exercise is a integral activity to enjhoy the best results.

VASER Hi Def cost is more expensive than standard VASER. It is an effective, and safe proceure, especially to achieve a toned body contour after massive weight loss.

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