Understanding The Types Of Breast Implants

Breast implants are often used by breast augmentation worldwide for enhancing the aesthetics of women along with the increasing size of one’s breasts. Fat transfer is also a procedure of fat transfer breast engagement where the fat from unwanted body part is used for restoring the breast volume, which may have been lost as a result of tremendous weight loss or factors like pregnancy.

‘Augmentation mammoplasty’ being a clinical term for this Cosmetic surgical procedure, refers to the process of breast reconstruction, which is essential post mastectomy or an injury.

Types of breast implants:

  • Silicone Breast Implants

Mainly made with silicone gel, this type of breast implants closely replicates the natural breasts and is preferred by many. Once the gel leaks, it either remains within the shell or escapes out, though it is less likely to collapse. One issue for women with these implants is that they must visit the plastic surgeon on a religious basis to ensure that their implants are functioning well. The state of the implants is assessed by the process of ultrasound test or MRI screening. This implant type is mainly suited for the women aged 22 years or more.

  • Saline Breasts Implants

Sterile salt water is the main filler component of this Implant, which gets absorbed by the body without any harm if the implant leaks anyhow. Firmness, uniformity and great feel, this implant type have it all and are pretty well suited by the women aged above 18 years or so.

  • Round Breast Implant

If you wish for a fuller look, round breast implants can help you more in comparison to the gummy bear types. These implants offer a higher projection after the augmentation surgery and preferred by many women as you have to worry less about the implant rotating out of place as it is round in shape.

  • Gummy Bear Breast Implant

These implants are widely known for retaining their shape even when the implant shell gets ruptured. The consistency of this gel contained implant is likely to suffer relatively less as compared to the traditional silicone implants. The position of this type of the product is tapered at the top and greater projection at the bottom and the only issue with this implant is that if the implant rotates, it gives you an unusual appearance.

  • Smooth breast implants

Experience the softest feeling with this category of implants as they are designed in the perfect manner, which allows movement within the implant pockets, resulting in natural movement throughout. The only issue with this implant type is palpable and visible rippling.

Implants doesn’t exactly help the case of extremely droopy breasts as breast lift is necessary for the sagging breasts and it is altogether a separate surgical procedure.

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