Understanding The Gluteal Lift Procedures

Genetics is a determining factor, which sometimes cannot compel to shape up certain parts on its own. Shaping and tightening of the buttock is region is the difficult as it is the biggest muscle of our body and develops slower as compared to the thigh muscles.

The appearance of the buttocks majorly depends upon the solidity of the composition of the adipose substance along with the skin’s connective tissue.

Buttock Lift for Dropped Buttocks

There have been varied complaints of drooping down contour of Gluteal muscles faced in your life, which is often an accomplice procedure comes with weight loss program, offering the skin its lost elasticity and re-contouring it to  the shape desired.

The incision during this procedure is made in the lower back portion of the hip bone line to pull back the drooping skin from the edge of incision and Lumpectomy which can sort the problems of localized fat deposits or lump formation.

The incision is made in the gluteal crease located above the upper posterior thighs, which the surgeon may be able to handle if he is confident enough. The best part of this surgical procedure is that it can simultaneously meet two aspects of butt lift and thigh lift to a great extent with just a single incision.

The Lower body lift is altogether another surgical plan whose treatment area may even exceed upto the lower abdomen, outer and inner thighs to achieve the desired result.  The two procedures are similar with just slight differences in the incision placements keeping it apart.

Brazilian Butt Lift with Implants for Creating Fuller Buttocks

In order to achieve a fuller volume to the flat buttocks, this autologous fat grafting procedure doesn’t involve any form skin excision, but with the help of liposuction and injectable fat, proportions are added to the butt to an even mound surface. Though this procedure is varied from the traditional butt lift, it has nothing to do with a drooping, sagging muscles or skin of the concerned area, producing fuller, and round and tighter end result.

Meant for the purpose of augmenting, there is the emergence of buttock implants which are prosthesis devices which are small round strong gel filled shell, similar to the breast implants. They are positioned by making an incision down there at the crease of the butt fold where it joins the thighs.


The buttock lift and the breast augmentation are two different things which are apparent to understand about the procedure, varying majorly at the aesthetic goals and the procedures involved. If you wish to get into more details of the surgical procedures, consulting your professional surgeon is suggested before you make the final call.

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