Types Of Hair Loss And Treatment Options Other Than Hair Transplant

Reasons Why You Lose Hair

Hair Loss is different from hair.

Hair loss leads to baldness or permanent hair thinning is usually male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia, while hair falling is a temporary effect of hair damage.

Androgenic Alopecia—  There are about a dozen different types of hair loss and baldness identified in medical science, among which androgenic alopecia in men, commonly known as male pattern baldness, is most common.

Male pattern baldness is a genetically inherited natural characteristic and not a disease or disorder. It is caused by androgens (a male primary hormone) releasing a steroid called DHT (dehydrotestosterone), that inflames hair follicles of the front and central region of the scalp, while the back of the scalp remains intact with a horseshoe pattern of hair, in varied density per individual.

Women are also affected with androgenic alopecia, but less commonly than men are. Female androgenic alopecia is referred with multiple names as, female pattern hair loss (FPHL)/ diffuse pattern hair loss (DPA)/ diffuse un-patterned hair loss (DUPA).

In contrast to men, women usually see a permanent diffuse hair thinning in the front or center of the scalp (diffuse pattern alopecia/DPA) or all over the scalp including the back of the scalp (diffusive un-patterned hair loss/ DUPA); women’s baldness is rare, hence it is referred as FPHL, factually.

Female androgenic alopecia is classified in 3stages in the Ludwig Scale. It is highly a complex case for hair transplant surgery, in contrast to the simpler male pattern baldness. Other types of hair loss including the likes of telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, and traction alopecia are much less common, and are usually not eligible for hair transplant surgery.

Hair Loss Treatment

The hair transplant treatment options are largely the management of profuse hair thinning, and there is no way to stop the process. Medication and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy are the conventional and meaningful procedure to aid the purpose. Other ideas like laser treatment, even BOTOX injections are probable as well.

The two major medications for the treatment and management of androgenic alopecia are Finasteride and Minoxidil, and both are for off label use.

Finasteride, popular by the brand names Proscar and Propecia is an anti-androgen drug, or a 5a reductase inhibitor that is a prescription drug for prostate disorders. Men are prescribed 5mg finasteride oral tablets once or twice a day. Since the drug prevents or reduces the excess secretion of the DHT, it indirectly saves hair follicles from the DHT inflammation as a side effect, which is used off-label.

Minoxidil, popular by the brand name Rogain is the off label use of the drug originally formulated for soothing hypertension, is indicated for safe use for women, on topical 2% concentrations. The drug is indicated for use in once or twice a day on scalp, using a dropper, not massage like oil.

Androgen levels in women’s body vary from male bodies and women are not at all prescribed finasteride, however other drugs like ketoconazole; spironolocatone, flutamide, cimetidine have limited evidence of being effective on certain patients, however, these drugs are not available over the counter, and should not be used on availability.

Plateletet Rich Plasma Therapy is another valid option for hair loss treatment. This is an autologous injection procedure performed in a plastic surgeon’s clinic or any hair transplant clinic. The procedure involves collecting a little amount of blood, about 100mls from the patient, and culturing that blood to separate the plasma along with the platelets present in it. A serum is created with the platelet rich blood plasma, and is injected into the patient’s scalp. This procedure is highly accepted to result in remarkable different in reducing hair thinning. However, this procedure just like hair loss medicines will not grow back hair in a receded hairline.

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