Types of Cosmetics for Men

  • Face Wash: Face wash is not just made for women to cleanse their face after a long day at work or a party. Special face wash are made for men, as per their skin to cleanse their face as they too can get dust particles stuck on their face. Some face wash are foam based while some are gel based. They do not just clean the dust particle but also help in spot reduction. All men should use a good, branded face wash daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Moisturizer: While a face wash cleanses your face from dust particles and pollution, every man has the right to protect his skin from the pollution and dust. For this, a man should always apply moisturiser are taking a bath or washing his face. It’s not just about skin protection, a moisturiser also keeps you skin rejuvenated and refreshed. Some moisturisers even keep your skin firm and don’t let it go loose. It makes your skin look alive even after a long day at work.
  • Foundation: Yes, you read that right. Foundations are used by men too. It works as a base coat that covers their blemishes and pigmentations. It helps them get that no make-up look and no one gets to know that they have applied make-up. Foundation also contains SPF, so they can also protect their skin from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Lip Balms: Even men have the right to keep their lips soft, hydrated and supple by using lip balms. Lip balms also make their lips shiny and glossy. Often, during the winters, men’s lips get dry; this is when a lip balm comes handy. And not just winters, lip balm should be used every day to keep lips from drying and getting patched up.
  • Face Powder: Men who are tired of their oily skin should use face powder for sure. You can use it with foundation or without it, it’s your choice. Face powder eliminates the oil from your skin, reducing the shine and makes your skin smooth. You can get face powder of various brands in the market. Choose a face powder that matches your skin tone.
  • Exfoliator: Aging of skin a problem for men as well. And using an exfoliator definitely reduces the aging signs that you always wanted to get rid of. Using an exfoliator helps you kick off those dead skin cells, which are the main cause of the aging of skin and make you look younger. Along with that, it cleanses your skin and keeps it away from problems like acne, wrinkles and in-grown hair.

Though, earlier no man used to use skin care products on their skin, today it has become vital for every man to take care of their skin because of the environment you live in. The sun rays and pollution have become the main cause of many skin problems. Shaving is important for every man and you must use a branded razor for shaving. Cheap Gillette in UK is used by almost every man for shaving purpose. They also use all types of skin care products and make-up listed above to look good and take care of their skin. Cheap Max factor cosmetics in UK are used by men there to keep their skin young and healthy. There is no harm in using such skin care products or make-up by men. Make sure that you always remove your make-up before going to bed.

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