Tummy Tuck Surgery-Complications And Possibilities

Tummy Tuck Surgery

People undergoing tummy tuck may face a higher rate of major complications as compared to the other cosmetic surgery procedures, as per research. Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck involves surgically removing unwanted and excess tissue and skin from the abdomen area in order to achieve a firmer and smoother abdominal profile. Though not to be considered as a weight loss program exactly, but a tummy tuck can help a person to achieve the desirable.

Database Displays The Following

There have been a survey where you can find that about tummy tucks of about 25000 people in between 2008 and 2013, out of which around 4 % people suffered major complications post procedure. This rate involved in this surgical procedure is higher than the average rate of 1.4 % as in other cosmetic surgeries.

 The risks of these complications, even increased more when combined with any other form of surgery as per observed.  Of people who are opting for tummy tuck, there are only 3.1 % candidate’s developed complications. It increased to 6.8 % when it was combined with the body contouring procedure and 10.4 % when combined with liposuction.

Complications were mainly faced with people who are aged 55 years and above or obese. Keeping this in mind, it was observed that there are a number of factors which are   usually faced by the candidates who had already underwent the tummy tuck procedure more than anyone else. The patients are usually seen to end up in being overweight and start having diabetes in the coming years, mainly those who had taken up the combined procedures, though the other factors like the duration of the surgery and the area covered also mattered.

 Risks Associated With Tummy Truck Are As Follows:

Plastic surgery is extremely personal subject and it is the person involved who would be deciding on the benefits, risks and the goals associated with the procedure.

Though you would be needing to sign up and agree upon understanding the procedure and letting know that you are aware of the potential risks associated:

  1. Infection
  2. Bleeding
  3. Skin loss
  4. Numbness
  5. Anesthesia risks
  6. Fluid accumulation
  7. Unfavourable scarring
  8. Aysmetry
  9. Persistent pain
  10. Possibility of provisional surgical procedure
  11. Recurrent looseness of skin
  12. Skin discoloration
  13. Prolonged swelling
  14. Pulmunary complications
  15. Deep vein thrombosis
  16. Suboptimal aesthetic result

Expectations to keep

Having a realistic and a more approachable expectation is something that you should be familiar with any cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can help you enhance the features and   make your existing contours better but never help you lose body weight or likewise. Be sure to understand well what your recovery state involves and follow the doctor’s instructions to receive the desirable at the earliest.

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