Trending Hairstyles: Then and Now

Hair has been one of the most adorned natural accessories through the ages. In earlier times, hairstyle trends were different and now stylists only mix and reinvent the old hairstyles. We could say, like us, our hairstyles have evolved through time.

Let’s take a look at what we have taken from the past and how we have modernized it.

In the 1920s, the trending hairstyle among the young girls was short hair. They kept it short, mostly till their ears. This hairstyle has now been developed into the very popular ‘bob-cut’. The bob-cut also has many variations and is recently trending among hairstyling enthusiasts.

The 1930s saw the women going from shorter hair to longer hair. They embraced their femininity, flaunting longer hair and big curls. Curls are now a rage among the hairstyle enthusiasts. Women curl their hair for various occasions. It is casual yet stylish.

The 1940s was the era when long hair was still the trend and women used hairnets to tie their hair into a bun. Today the bun has many variations and is the go-to hairstyle. The bun can be modified to fit any occasion. It can be styles into a casual chic bun for a day out with friends or an elegant and stylish bun for an evening date.

The 1950s was when the poodle cut came into fashion. It was made popular by Lucille Ball. Women now-a-days go for shorter hair. It oozes confidence and is chic. Short hair has been preferred by many women recently. With varying styles and different looks, the short hair trend that was seen in the 1950s is gradually making a comeback.

1960s brought with it the Pixie Cut. Big waves were also a fashion statement. The Pixie Cut is now a rage, especially among the celebrities. Big waves are a red carpet hit with the celebrities who go for a retro look. We might be living now, but we take our fashion inspiration from the bygone eras.

Mid part and long hair was the common hairstyle in the 1970s. This era brought blow dry and hairspray into the hairstyling picture. Now, blow dry and hair spray are the safest and easiest choices to do when in a doubt about which hairstyle to try.

In the 1980s, backcombing came into the limelight. Both men and women preferred this hairstyle. Women today puff their hair, which is a variation of the backcombing hairstyle which was trendy back in the 1980s.

The 1990s brought with it the very chic bangs. Bangs are a rage today. The style that was brought to the fore in the 1990s, is still ruling the hairstyling business. From celebrities to commoners, bangs are a popular and preferred hairstyle among all the circles.

All these trending hairstyles of the bygone eras have now come back, differently of course, to take the hairstyle fashion front by storm again. The 2000s have seen many different hairstyles and variations of the hairstyles that were previously in fashion. Hairstylists and their customers are exploring and experimenting with their looks perpetually. 

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