Top Skills to Learn in a Beauty Therapy Course

With changing times, people are becoming more conscious about their looks, fashion, personality and fitness. Everyone wants to have a presentable and an impressive personality that other people will envy. Today, beauty treatments are not just for girls and women, men too are spending time looking their best. Visits to beauticians are becoming very common nowadays. This has led to the demand in qualified beauticians. In order to become one, one needs to join a beauty course and certification. It is the doorstep to enter this industry. It allows for a strong foundation and relevant experience before you actually starts to use them on your clients.

Here the top skills that you will be able to acquire during your beauty therapy courses –

  • Skin care – When you join a course, you will be taught about the various skin care therapies and choosing the best out of them for a particular skin type. You will learn about the different skin types, the cosmetics suitable for sensitive skins, products that can cause acne or breakouts. In addition, you will learn about the various cosmetic products in the market and how to use them properly. You will learn about the basic facials to the most advanced ones like gold facials, chocolate facials, fruit facials and much more. Facials are not just about providing a glowing skin. Dermalogica facial courses Birmingham teaches about wrinkles, acnes, sagging skin, pigmentation, tanning and much more.
  • Nail care and cure – You will be taught about the basic and advanced manicures, pedicures, nail extensions and other nail therapies. You will learn how to select the right oil for client’s cuticles, cleaning, shaping, filing and polishing the finger and toe nails, application of paraffin wax for softening, use of fake nail gels and more.
  • Hair styling – Dealing with the hair of your client’s is a big responsibility. You will get theory as well as practical classes that will focus on shampoo, conditioning, tong setting, hair cutting, hair coloring, hair straightening, perming and also hair trichology.
  • Safety and cleanliness – Apart from the above, you will learn how to maintain hygiene and safety of the customers on a daily and long term bases. You will also learn how to keep yourself safe while performing different beauty treatments. You will learn about the use of hair and skin care chemicals and their right dosage.
  • Dealing with customers – When you are in the beauty industry, you will need to deal with clients on a daily basis. It is important to learn how to deal with them and provide them with higher quality of service.

In order to excel in the beauty industry, you need to acquire the above vital skills. Thus, you can easily hone your skills by joining a beauty course.

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