Top 10 watch brands

In today’s world people are becoming more and more concerned about their appearance. Men and women spend a lot of money on their outfits and accessories. Pairing up a nice wristwatch surely adds up to their charisma.  A watch is more than just a time telling tool but it is also considered to be much important accessory of man that reflects his thinking, attitude and behavior. Wearing the luxury watches make men to show their lifestyle, taste, uniqueness and success without uttering even a single word. But how difficult it is to decide which brand to buy! It is a tedious task to find the wrist watch that matches perfectly with your persona. With the market being flooded with a variety of wrist watch brands, I have come up with a list of most exclusive and fashionable brands that one must have. 


Being classy and a great symbol of luxury, Rolex has been manufacturing watches since 1919. More than 3200 watches are produced every day. Today Rolex stands as the biggest and most renowned luxury watch brands. Combined with a new modern introductions and classic designs, it produces wide variety of watches. Rolex timepieces are renowned for their excellent investment value and well preserved vintage models which are more reliable among other timepieces.

TAG Heuer

It is one of the great Swiss watch brands. In 1860, TAG Heuer was founded by Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG, later it was acquired by TAG Group Holdings S.A. The brand has also partnered with Google and Intel to develop its own connected watch, unveiled in New York this month. It comes with a variety of innovative designs. With David Guetta as brand ambassador, it has become a big hit amongst youngsters!



With a wide collection of watches, Seiko is one of the most used watch brands all around the world. It has its market almost everywhere and makes all kinds of watches. Seiko has traditionally kept back its most interesting creations for its domestic market, so it’s good to know that, as well as the wonderful Grand Seiko models that have relatively recently become available outside of Japan, there should also be some covetable sports watches.



A household name, until the year 1990, Montblanc was only known for the luxury pens and other writing instruments. But now he has decided to expand itself by entering the market of luxury watches and adding it up to its portfolio. Although they have just entered into the market as an outsider, soon it has gained the reputation by the acquisition of the worlds most expensive and renowned watch manufacturer. It is famous for its beautiful and classy designs. 




Breitling was founded in 1884 with the headquarters in Switzerland. It has focused on 3 main areas, aviation, diving and luxury. Only Swiss components are used in the Manufacturing of the “Breitling watches”. To counter the rise of the smart watch, Breitling has unveiled its B55 Connected, a quartz-powered aviation model with a digi-analogue display. The B55 can be synchronized to a phone using a special app, via which the time and alarms can be set.


MN watches

With a simple and straight forward vision, MN watches have a created a wide variety of designs to add up to your fashion statement. They have created a mid-tier line that allows consumers to obtain multiple pieces and match their “fits” for the day or for that night out. Their goal is to provide the bold with the best possible fashion watch for the most affordable price. Young in the market, MN Watches has created some very unique designs for the customers that are being much appreciated.



Founded in 1976 by Carlo Crocco, this watch brand has been introduced to the general public in the year 1980 at the Basel Watch Fair. This brand is so young for the luxury watch market. But already has created a unique mark in the watch world. Few watches have enjoyed the rise to cult status of Hublot’s Big Bang. This year marks a decade since watch-business genius Jean-Claude Biver burst onto the scene, pulling the once-ailing Hublot up by its (rubber) boot straps and creating a horological phenomenon that looks set for continued success.


 Patek Philippe

It is manufactured by the Swiss ultra-luxury watch manufacturer Patek Philippe. He is well known for his accuracy and craftsmanship. It is said to be the most exceptional and elite timepieces ever in the world. Its design and movement have one of the most complex mechanisms adding to one of most high-status mainstream watch brands.



The Breguet name is clearly a big one to live up to. It was formed in Paris in 1775, by Abraham-Louis Breguet, nowadays associated The Swatch Group.  Its elegant ­­­deigns and accurate craftsmanship has made it one of the topmost brands that people buy. The new Marine Chronograph celebrates 200 years since Louis XVIII appointed AL Breguet official chronometer-maker to the French Royal Navy Limited.




One of the big platters in watch industry, omega has definitely secured the place of number one watch brand in our hearts. His initiative is the key which has taken this brand all the way to the moon, deep into the sea and of course to the success ladder. In Switzerland, Louis Brandt has Founded this company in 1848.In the new Bond movie “spectre”  Daniel Craig provides the Swiss brand with more invaluable exposure by wearing its Seamaster model. 

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