Top 10 tips for healthy skin

There is a need for a healthy skin as a healthy skin shows a healthy personality and shows hygiene of the person. Let me suggest you some tips from if you incorporate them, you will have a healthy skin in no time.

Drink honey with some water and lemon

This healthy tip from grandma’s books will help you get a glow on your face and will get you a fairer, healthy skin in no time. Lemon and honey contains antioxidants, which have anti- ageing properties for a glowing healthy skin.

Rubbing Tomatoes pulp

Rubbing tomato pulp in your face helps you remove the excess tanning effects which are caused by the sun. It’s a really healthy and natural option for a healthy skin.

Drink water and lots of it

Water acts as a detoxifying agent in the body. It keeps your skin cells hydrated all the time. As it detoxifies the body with bacteria that can cause blemishes, the skin cells will hold the water for a long time for a wrinkle freeing effect.

Stop eating oily foods

Oily foods like burger, French fries, samosa etc. contains loads of fats and carbohydrates that are harmful for your body. This harmful effect shows up on your skin. Try minimising the oil in your foods.

Skin creams

Widely available, some skin creams are known to benefit the body. These creams contains load of minerals and nutrients that help you unclog the pores on your skin for a better glow and fairer skin. Of course, if you have allergies, discontinue the use of creams.

Go nuts for nuts and dry fruits

For a healthy skin, you should start crunching on some nuts. Almonds, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, help in skin repair and rejuvenate your skin like a new born.

Ignore hot water baths

You must enjoy hot water showers and staying in hot bath tubs for a long time to destress. But this is bad, as it may severely affect your skin cells and your blood vessels.

Consume more Vitamin C

I know you don’t like broccolis your mother used to make at lunch. You can eat oranges, but you must consume more Vitamin C for a better and healthy skin.

Don’t consume dairy products

Consuming dairy products like curd contain cow hormones. And when they enter your body, it encourages the simulation of oil in your oil glands and thus this oil appears on your skin.

Start eating up quinoas

Munching up of power packed quinoa which is rich in zinc can work wonders for you and your skin as it clears acne and drives off skin conditions.

I hope by these tips you can have a healthy and a fairer looking skin.

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