Tips to Apply Eye Shadow Correctly

Makeup has proven to be quite an important to women, and something that is synonymous with being feminine. Although it has been recorded in history, that even men would make use of makeup, for various different reasons. Over time, makeup became a largely female dominated industry, and such is its popularity that it is one of the most profitable ones ever to be created. Makeup though, holds different levels of importance for each woman, for some it is something to be done occasionally, where as for others it is a part of their daily routine. But, whatever the routine and frequency of the use might be, one must know how to apply that makeup properly.

Now, most women do learn to do their base right once they find which products and what routine suits them. But the one place where it is extremely easy to go wrong and also difficult to redo is the eye makeup. Eye makeup if done wrong can be a mess to clean up and in result can damage the base foundation too. Thus, one must be careful of how they do their eye makeup, products to use and what advice to follow. It is never too late to learn of a few quick tips that can help in doing proper eye makeup. So, here are a few points that can guide one towards doing better eye makeup:

1. Quality Products:

Before starting, one must have a few basic eye shadow colours, preferably in neutral shades like white, beige, brown and black. Whether one is a beginner or an expert, these few shades always come in handy and can even be used for touchups. Now, it must be kept in mind that since these shadows will be applied quite close to the eye that they must be of good quality. These days one can easily buy beauty products online, so one should make sure to purchase quality and original products only.

2. Learn the Terms:

There are several terms used for eye makeup like lid, crease, outer V, waterline, inner corner and more, that one should make themselves familiar with. It will help one to understand any beauty tutorials better.

3. Shadow Formula and Primer:

Primer is a must especially during summers as the sweat and heat can wipe away the makeup. Thus, one must apply primer before the eye makeup as it will create longevity of the makeup. Formula of the shadow is another important tip to keep in mind whether one is buying eye shadow online or retail. Skin types can differ in how they hold the shadow, so checking the formula can help one select the best option.

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