Things You Should Do After A Hair Transplant Surgery For Better Hair Growth

If maintained with the utmost care and concern, the patient of hair transplantation should heal from the condition within few weeks, but in any form of complications, they should immediately consult their concerned surgeon.
Care Right After The Surgery
•    The newly transplanted hair should be untouched under all conditions. This includes not to ruffle in the bed, or not to use direct shower even at mild force.

•    Staying hydrated is essential. But drinking aerated water, soda and alchohol is not the kind of hydration the patient should allow. Water and organic fruit juice is what makes sense. Caffeinated beverages should be limited as well.

•    Eat your normal diet, but should avoid spicy food and junks. And give your body as much nutrition as you can, to elevate the healing.

•    The patient should rest enough, mainly after the 12 hour spray. The rest allows the wounds to heal undisturbed.

•    The transplanted regions require full coverage for a time being. Use silky items that do not stick to the wounds, or are coarse. Cotton is not the best option. Use a bandana instead of a hat, as contrary to popular belief, but hats can be suffocating for the hair follicles.

•    Continue to spray sterile water provided by the clinic on the stitches of both the recipient and the donor regions. Apply the liquid after every alternative 15 minutes, mainly for the first 12 hours post the surgery.  But be gentle with the force of the spray.

•    Wrap a towel around your forehead just where the hair line stops, to prevent any fluid seeping and be careful not to trample any hair graft.
1st -3rd day
•    Application of Sterile water after every 30 minutes should be there until you are not sleeping starting from the next day of the hair transplantation procedure.

•    Sleeping durations must be maintained well
•    After spraying the sterile water is over, normal water can be applied by the patient.
•    Donor forget to spray the water as it prevents the formation of scab. sAlong with that the transplanted grafts  must be hydrated for their healthy survival and growth.
4th- 14th day
•    The shampoo to be used in this time is provided by the clinic itself.
•    The candidate needs to shampoo her scalp every day atleast once for the 10 days post operation.
•    Make the process of shampooing easy by mixing tepid water with 10 ml of shampoo for it to get soapy.
•    The soapy solution is prepared in a bowl, from which it is poured onto the transplanted and donor regions.
•    Standing directly under the shower while taking bath should be avoided along with not wearing the shower cap. Neither any form of gel, serum and related cosmetic products must be avoided on the treated scalp.
There may be lumped formation which shall subside automatically within the next 2-3 months. The patients have to keep visiting the clinic for stitch removal, until the surgeon is using self-dissolvable stitches.
15th day onwards
•    Normal shampooing with normal branded shampoo can be used in case the shampoo gets over given by the clinic.
•    You can start using the serums, conditioners, gels, hair coolers like before.
•    Gradually resuming the physical activities is probable, but nothing rigorous should be started.
•    No strenuous activity should be undertaken atleast one month post procedure. Avoiding these activities are supposed to help you prevent the scars from being stretched, allowing it to heal faster.
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