Things to Know Before Getting False Eyelash Extensions

Are you desirous to bring perfection to your eyelashes? If yes, then step into the world of eyelash extension!

The trend of eyelash extension has created lot of buzz in the make-up industry. If you have not tried eyelash extension, you must at least once in your life. But before giving them a whirl, you should know a few facts in this regard. You must know their benefits, care & maintenance regimens etc. Now without wasting time, let’s peep into the followings: 

Definition required:

Eyelash extension is a way to add thickness, curl and length to your natural eyelashes. Lush, dark and long eyelashes are every girl’s dream. But, not everyone is born with naturally long & thick lashes. Artificial eyelashes are the best remedy to beautify wispy lashes. Professionals apply artificial lashes- typically one at a time for a complete natural look- to your natural lash line by using adhesive, which is totally safe for your eyes.

Why professionals:

Good question, indeed! You can’t think of having a good haircut or facial without professional assistance, right? Professional help can’t afford a skip in this regard as well. Experts know the techniques to apply false lashes safely. They rely on mild-chemical based adhesives to add artificial eyelashes. Remember, due to lack of knowledge, you might make a wrong choice in selecting chemical adhesives. The best way to avoid this risk is – going for professionals, simple!

Does it hurt to have it done:

It is generally not a painful procedure. But you should consider skilled experts for applying false extensions. They use weightless extensions, which does not even hurt your eyes. They swear by all-advanced techniques for keeping it absolutely safe. But remember, fake eyelashes can go horribly wrong if not done carefully. An eyelash extension treatment gone wrong can put your eyes at risk. Hence, professional assistance is a must!

Do they look natural:

Despite being artificial, false eyelashes blend seamlessly with your natural eyelashes. So, it’s not possible to distinguish them from the real lashes. Berceuse of being fine and subtle the fake lashes look and feel natural. So be it for a quick beauty hack or complimenting a no-makeup look; artificial eyelash extensions always work wonders.

Tips for protecting them from water:

Artificial eyelashes are waterproof; therefore, they don’t get sticky or wet on contact with water. So, you can wear false eyelashes to the pool or beach; and have them stay on throughout a day. You can wear them for everyday-office-wear as well. Washing off your face is not a problem with glamorous, fake lashes. These lashes would last as long as you keep on refilling them.

Who should not get eyelash extensions:

Although it’s safe, but people who are prone to allergic infection must stay away from it. If you experience any sort of discomfort or irritation, let the experts know immediately. Beauty experts in Calgary are adept enough in dealing with such potential issues. Experts dealing with eyelash extensions Calgary go by a few beauty-care principles to accomplish it hassle-freely.

When you are confident, even the world around you starts valuing you. No denying to it- beauty and confidence go hand in hand always. So, if you’re feeling unconfident for your not-so-attractive eyelashes, consider artificial extension, sans giving any second thought to it! And the skilled experts Calgary are set to convert your look to wow!

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