The Latest Nail art trend in Dubai

Are you fond of nail art? Do you love those minions drawn on your nails? If yes…then you are a nail paint lover. The nail art first seeked attention when super stylish Rihanna wore this attractive art on her nails. Nail therapist works for hours to do perfect nail art. There is a huge variety of designs are introduced that can be worn according to age and choice. For funky girls, cartoon characters are a perfect while for newlywed girl, sophisticated designs are available. There are more than 150 textures that one can choose from.

Nail art trend in Dubai is very common and you can find hot red texture to lilac print. Bio sculpture session is a good choice as it strengthens your nails and improves natural growth too. This process is time-consuming and takes at least 90 minutes. The nail artist first files the nails, buffs them and pushes the cuticles back. Then, the therapist applies silk strips to strengthen them. After this, a sticky template is added to the nail followed by brushing with bio Sculpture gel. Then the hands are exposed to UV radiation to set the gel. That’s how nail gets bond with the gel. This will give your nail a finished look with improved growth.

Let’s see some other latest nail colour trends in Dubai:

1.    Ombre French

Nail art trend in Dubai is very common and girls prefer different types of arts to look stylish and trendy. Ombre French nail art is an advanced version of French manicure that improves elegance of your nail. In this, coloured bands are created on the surface of nails from root to top.

2.    Brisa gel

Try glossy finish and keep it simple with Brisa gel that provides high gloss to your nails. It is a strong glossy gel that needs concentrated nail remover to remove from surface. Brisa gel nail art is most preferred by girls.

3.    Silk Wraps

Silk wrap is an ideal choice for those who have cracked and weak nails. It increases the thickness of nails and improves growth. The nail therapist fits gossamer material into the nails followed by brushing till then nails attain a smooth shape. It is easy to remove and less efficient as compared to other nail arts.

4.    Bio Sculpture Gel

Lengthen your nails with bio sculpture gel technique without the use of primer or bonders. One can choose her favourite texture as it has more than 150 shades. It lasts for at least one month without losing its shade.

5.    3D Nails

Nail paint lovers prefer 3D nails. They look sturdy, stylish as well as fashionable. The 3D surface grabs eyes easily. Try them and enjoy.

6.    Acrylic Style

This is the most efficient nail art as a mixture of liquid and powder is applied on the nails with the help of synthetic tips. The applied coat automatically hardens when exposed to heat and air.

So, girls try these trendy nail sculpture ideas on your nails and make your own style statement!

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