The Joan Rivers Cosmetic Surgery

Life In A Brief

Born on 8th of 1933, Joan Alexandra Molinsky started her career in 1959 and opted to get popularized with the stage name of ‘Joan Rivers’. Her main frame-phrase started in 1965 with the “The Tonight Show” and her late night shows known as “The Late Show with Joan Rivers”.

Before Going For The Surgery

Joan Rivers was a young lady with a pleasing and appealing appearance, glowing skin and without any aging at all.

Post Her Series Of Surgeries

After undergoing a number of surgeries, it started affecting her so much, that she was quoted saying that “I wish I had a twin sister so that I may actually know what I look like without plastic surgery”.  But the best part is that even in her 80s, she looked way younger than her counterparts as a causal effect from this surgeries.

Rivers had numerous surgeries in her lifetime, but the major ones are the eye surgery, liposuction, nose job, botox injections, few facelifts and a neck lift to add height to her face making it appear younger and rejuvenated.

The nose job was done when she was still in college followed by the eye lift in 1965 when she was in her thirties. Even at 50, she couldn’t resist from getting the surgeries done, even though there were no signs of aging and no significant wrinkles.  Maybe she thought that she was involved in the entertainment industry and needed more corrections to present herself in a perfect way to the world leading to the overdo of things.

There was a facelift, which made her face shiny, but there were gradual comments from the people, who suggested that it was overdone and the naturalness had totally disappeared. From all of these, it was evident that her addiction to the needle and knife, was unstoppable. But one thing was certain that it was offering her a much younger look than could be imagined.

The Endoscopy Procedure

Joan Rivers entered an outpatient clinic in Yorkville to evaluate the reason behind her raspy voice, resulting in the procedures of laryngoscopy and endoscopy. These processes involved inserting a camera in a supple tube to examine the throat thoroughly. Both the two procedures are risky and induce aspirate saliva, vomit into the lungs or could even result in breathing in food.

After much speculations about the case, it was understood that Rivers had an endoscopy, which inspirited vomit in her vocal cords or gastric secretion causing breathing issues and resulted in a respiratory arrest. For more details please visit at

And Death Came By

And as a result from all of these, Rivers succumbed to the brain damage, which occurred as a result of lack of oxygen after undergoing a throat surgery on 4th Sept 2004, when she was aged 81 years old.

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