The Difference Between Ombre, Sombre And Balayage

There are many hair trends that come and go but from the look of things, there are looks such as gradient hair that seem like they are here to stay. Trendy women continue to transition from foil highlights and the well-known solid all-over colors to some softer and more natural looking dyed hair jobs. These days, women are trending sun-kissed highlights, slightly unkempt and grown out.

There are slow-fade styles that are known to add depth, a dimension that is so good you don’t have to keep on visiting your hair salon every few days to get a touch-up, something that is loved by people who don’t love going to the hair salon every other week. There may be many styles that are quite popular but you may have heard about ombre hair color, sombre hair color, and balayage and you are wondering what the difference may be. You need to know the difference between these low maintenance styles before booking your next hair color date with your hair stylist.
From Foils to Balayage: These are both highlighting techniques that create slightly different results. For the traditional foils, you get a uniform and defined highlights; Balayage simply means sweep; it is a freehand technique where swathes of hair get sectioned and are hand painted against a backing board that has a lightening agent. The hair is covered with cellophane after painting; since balayage highlights are not placed so systematically, the end outcome is normally less symmetrical, fatter and more random highlights which give you a casual finish.

Unlike the ombre hair color which works very well with brunettes, sombre hair color seems to work for everyone. There are people who love to balayage short pixie crops but best results are attained with thick heavy hair that comes slightly below the shoulders; balayage is the best option for women who love the look of chunkier highlights with less blonde and more contrast.   

From Ombre to Sombre: It has been some time since women started demanding for dark roots and lighter ends especially as worn by a number of top celebrities. Ombre hair color features quite a stark dark to light fade which therefore makes the sombre hair color-subtle ombre-the much more nuanced take on the dip dye variety. With the sombre hair color, you should be able to find some lighter sections that start up a bit higher as well as lower lengths featuring some ribbons of dark color to give a more gradual transition. Just like you may have discovered about ombre hair color, the worn-in look of the ombre hair color is another low maintenance versions. You don’t have to visit your hair stylist every now and again for touch ups because you may not be able to see any demarcation line or regrowth making it a clearly economical option.    

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