The Classic Advantages Of A Hot Shave

Hot towel shave – seems like an exotic experience for some people and for others might be their weekly routine. You would say it is something you have seen or experienced in a barbershop, but you are not sure why it is going on and how it works.

You spend some time for your normal routine of shaving to protect your skin. In order to keep yourself presentable you would not prefer to see cuts on your face. Hence, you will use some out of a few products – like shaving foams or gels – for a comfortable process of shaving. These shaving products does soothe the hair and skin before you start with the shave, but they work more a lubricant for the razor. So your first step should be a hot towel shave – a simple and most reliable method.

The method of hot shave softens your facial skin and hair before you start shaving. All you need to do is to place a hot towel soaked in really hot water on your face. This will help you move the razor smoothly and will give you a close shave. It is the best procedure to soften your skin and prepare it for shaving.

Why prefer a hot towel shave? There are lots of advantages of a hot towel shave. But firstly, it makes you feel awesome. Only the regular users know better how it feels, and others like you who have not yet experienced would envy this.

The procedure of hot towel softens your skin and open up your pores. This makes your facial skin ready for a close shave. It also removes the impurities from your skin and helps to moisturize your face, and hence protects you from any unwanted burns or redness from the razor. Not only this, a mild massage with hot towel impacts your nerves, promoting the circulation and makes you wake up and feel fresh.

Imagine how you would feel after spending 15 minutes into a steaming hot shower, fresh and clean? The best hot towel shave will give you almost the same feel – a fresh and clean feel. There is nothing better than to feel superb with a deeper and clean shave.

If you have not yet experienced the amazement of a hot towel shave than what you are waiting for? Book yourself in and experience the refreshment. Keep in mind, whatever shaving foam or gel or soap you use, always prepare your skin with a hot towel. It will beneficially minimize the scratchy effects of the razor on your skin. Also add a good effect of the hot towel shave by applying smoothing balm.

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