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An Insight to Controlling Hair Loss

Hair loss is as common in men as it is in women. Although some people don’t take it seriously, some consider it as one of their worst nightmares. There can be several reasons for hair loss and even though it is said that it cannot be completely cured, there are some measures through which it can be controlled. There are thousands of products in the market which claim to provide an effective hair loss treatment. But it is better to know the underlying cause before jumping into conclusions.

Factors which result in Hair loss
Any unwanted transformation in the body is basically an indication that something is going wrong within the system. Generally hair loss is also the after effect of some kind of deficiency in the body. Although there can be various factors which may result in hair loss. Some of them are as follows:
• Heredity: This is one of the most common factors of hair loss. It might happen that your ancestors don’t leave you a chunk load of cash or a big villa, but just the tendency to lose hair.
• Deficiency of nutrients: lack of various nutrients in the body may also result in hair loss. Amongst these, protein, vitamin B12, and sulphur deficiency play a prominent role.
• Hormonal Imbalances: This is one of the lesser known factors which can cause hair loss.
• Smoking Pot: This may or may not be the reason for hair fall. But it is generally seen that in some cases it becomes an icing on the cake when it comes to hair loss. The same goes for tobacco consumption and cigarette smoking as well.

• Blood Circulation: Improper blood circulation in scalp is one of the primary reasons for hair loss.
What can be done to control hair loss?
Hair loss or hair fall can be controlled by taking some simple measures for your hair. The first and foremost thing that can be done is to have a balanced diet. This might not bring back the hair one has already lost but it might lessen the rate of loss so that you can look for alternatives. Moreover, a balanced diet is good for health anyways. Also a diet rich in protein and good fats can definitely make a person’s hair stronger. Apart from that there are some home remedies like onion juice, fenugreek, egg yolk and etc. but the best way is to find out the underlying cause so that an apt solution can be found out as well.
When it comes to hair loss, control is always better than cure since the chances of preventing it completely are not much. It is better to focus on how to control hair fall and that too by digging deep enough to find out the actual reason for it. And every individual’s body has its way of functioning. So the treatment which works for one may not work for the other. Hence finding out the cause and then working on it might be the best approach to control hair fall.

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