Surgical Alternative To Regain The Youthful Appearance

Facelift surgery consists of these deep facial tissues corrections and smoothened deep folded skin, which is done by removing the excess skin. And, all of these would lead to a younger and simple better version of you.

If you are facing the following things, then you are in the certain need of a considering facelift as the viable option:

  • Your reflection in the mirror makes you look much older than you feel
  • When you feel that this aging face may lead to a much older you
  • Turtlenecks and scarfs are not for style, but to solve the purpose of covering the rings of loose skin around your neck. You have started feeling self-conscious about the way your neck and face looks for the sagging skin.

The best part of this procedure is that the patients are sure to experience an upsurge in the level of self-confidence, as with their appearance portraying a healthy vibe. Even though individualized by the patient’s need, but a cosmetic surgeon meets it by tailoring his techniques accordingly.

Mini facelift

If there is a mild degree of jowling and sagging skin in your case, you are certainly a good candidate for the mini facelift.  Not only is this a less invasive procedure, but also allows better recovery than the normal version.

The facial tissues are tightened with just shorter incisions, which are usually located along with the hairline around the each ear or in the natural creases beside the ears.  The structural tissues through these incisions around the cheeks are lifted and tightened, mainly for correcting jowls for a rejuvenated and refined jaw-line. This procedure is usually performed using local anesthesia with sedation and general anesthesia, depending on the preference and the area covered in the case. This little process may infact, help you address the options for your individual needs along with the unwelcoming signs of aging, postponing the need for an extensive surgery in the years to come.

Standard Facelift

The traditional and the standard facelift is a fully addressed issue solver for those who are looking for a moderate to advanced stage of facelift to help them with both the neck and face area. Understood by all, that this procedure is a more extensive than just a mini facelift, but takes longer recovery time. Though the best part of the facelift is that the final outcome is dramatic and with the incisions located behind the ear area, among the hairline, the treatment closures are hidden in natural folds. Starting from the temple area to the front of the ear, the surgery is undertaken with perfect result, with the sagging skin treated and the jowls eliminated, facelift can be a solution to retain the naturalness and youthfulness of the face and neck with ease.

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