Smartlipo Is A Better Technique To Reduce Fat Than The Traditional Lipo Method

Smartlipo is a process in which laser fiber technology is used to melt unwanted fat. Smartlipo reduces the fat in liquid form by giving fewer traumas to the body. Generally, the traditional lipo is well planned and performed by the surgeons who provide excellent results. But sometimes doctors face problem reaching in depth for fat with manual probe without risking severe invasiveness.  Hence in the laser assisted cannulas helps to select the soft fatty tissues that have a lesser risk of damaging the surrounding nerves and skin. The Smartlipo in West University is a famous process used for fat reduction. 

There few things that need to be followed pre and post the surgery and they are:-

Pre- surgery tips

  • The first step in the pre-surgery stage is very crucial because in this the patient has to go for a pre- op consultation in which the doctor plans the procedure of the surgery. During this time, one can ask questions related to the surgery if the person has any doubt regarding the process. Also, one should inform the doctor about what he wants from the surgery so that a right expectation can be set.
  • In the next stage, one should arrange one’s schedule so that he can get a week’s time to recuperate from the surgery. If the person keeps on thinking about his work then the recovery process will slow down.
  • One should thoroughly follow the pre – op guidelines given by the doctors for a better result. One should avoid any kind of medicines or medications that causes complication like blood thinning. Also, it is important that one should have healthy food and take ample of rest prior to the surgery.
  • Last but not the least one should prepare one’s home for the recovery period i.e. to sanitize and clean the bed sheets and the other usable products and equipment to avoid contamination in the surgery area.

Well, planning and organizing of things beforehand can result in a positive way. By following the above guideline one can get a positive experience post surgery and can also make the recovery process in a faster way.

Post- surgery tips

This cosmetic surgery can be done on an outpatient basis i.e. the patient can go home after few hours post the surgery. It is important that someone should assist the patient while returning home.

One has to follow the instructions given by the doctors strictly. In the instructions, the doctors will provide all kinds of post-surgery guidelines i.e. it will include the guidelines depending on how to clean the surgery area and what are the things that are prohibited. Following the guidelines one can avoid post- op complications.

It is advisable that the patient wears compression garments which help to heal the surgical wounds quickly and reduce swellings. One can get at least 3 of these garments so that one can wear it alternately so that the used ones can be cleaned properly.

The patient should start moving around once he feels a bit better. The doctors might give some light activities to do like stretching and light massaging to speed up the recovery process. 


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