Selfie and that Perfect Look

Did you know that Petaling Jaya, Kaula Lumpur and George Town have been declared top selfie cities by Time Magazine? Let us take a look at this selfie phenomenon which demands a red carpet look and dazzling skin.

The Gen – Y are big way into this self loving trend. Selfies are the biggest craze and the most popular drift on social media today.

Quoting the Oxford English dictionary:

Selfie is “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone or webcam, and uploaded to social media”.

Here’s another interesting fact: Facebook alone there are more than 1, 000 selfie groups!

This selfie craze is sending the “me generation” or the millennials rooting to the best medi spa and cosmetic clinics to get that look for the digital world.  The digital world lets the individual be the celebrity of their own circle. Cosmetic clinics have aesthetic dermatology services on offer to help the selfie enthusiasts capture the right moment at any time & at any angle with a clean, flawless fair face. The whitening treatments available in the aesthetic cosmetic medispas are a great boon to one and all in this selfie age.  After all it is all about posting your best shot!

A flawless fair skin, allows the selfie crazy to make all the funny faces sans any awkwardness. The subject also gets the freedom of mind to try any which angle without feeling shy of any dark patches on the face.

But it is not only a display of vanity! It is about being comfortable in your fair skin, the flawless look and the confidence of just being you! The medispas give you the benefit of looking great always; you don’t have to think, “Oh, I might not look this fair all the time”. There is no trial and error; it is about being ready any time, all the time.

Malaysians love to photograph themselves and post on social media with the fact that Petaling Jaya was at 5th number, with George Town at 10th and Kaula Lumpur at 21st number in the survey focussed at top 10 cities which produce most number of selfies in the world.

Online presence is about expressing their identity for extroverts and introverts alike. For an individual it about showcasing their good looks or as an aspiration for the skin they want! Selfies are like non – verbal communications for maintaining networks and more.

CBS News recently featured a social media coverage highlighting the fact that plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatology specialists are seeing more patients opting for facial skin whitening and other procedures due to social media advancements. Statistically, in a survey by an American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery survey, it was recorded that 1 in 3 plastic surgeons accounted an increase in the number of facial procedure requests only to look good online.

Case in point, a selfie by Twitter user Hannah Udren aged 18 in front of MH370 Malaysian aircraft which went missing and crashed. This selfie went viral with as many as 2,000 re-tweets in the very 1st hour of it being posted online. Also when the aircraft had gone missing, many curious individuals were seen taking selfies at the Kuala Lumpur International airport.

The selfie storm has taken the cosmetic industry by surprise with a booming demand of body whitening treatments in Pj  going up.  The medispas have a host of treatments to offer to individuals of both sexes to suit their skin type and skin tone.

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