Salt for your skin!!!

The next time you see that crystalline white pixie dust you won’t just think about sprinkling it as a seasoning or preserving agent. Salt is also used to benefit the skin, in a multitude of ways starting from being used as a facial steamer to being used for treating acne. A key component of various beauty products (natural products as well as chemical), it can be effectively used as beauty remedy at home, for various skin problems. The popular sea salt is most beneficial in this regard. Salt comes as a relief in today’s times, where most beauty products are composed of chemicals, that may tamper the skin in the long run. At the same time, organic products may be difficult to find and very costly.

We list out eight ways in which salt can be helpful to you, along with the exact scientific mechanism of how it works……..

1) Salt for dry skin

A bath in sea salt water helps to treat dry skin. In aggravated conditions (during cold and dry winter), the dry skin especially becomes irritating as it becomes itchy. In such situations, bath salts, which are fast becoming popular these days, are just the right solution! Another additional benefit of a bath in sea salt water is that the nail cuticles immediately get cleaned.


How it works?

It opens up the pores and hydrates the tissue. Instead of the dry and rough skin, it leaves behind soft, supple skin. Specialized treatments involving salt can also be used to treat serious skin diseases like eczema (a kind of inflammation of the skin) or psoriasis (skin disease characterized by red patches of skin)

2) Treatment of acne

Sea salt is often used in soaps, masks, toners and cleaners to treat acne. Even if you suffer from severe acne then try this before you take hormonal medication to be the last resort.

How it works?

Sea salt has a miraculous composition of eighty-four percent sodium chloride. Silicon, phosphorous, vanadium, potassium etc. form the rest 16%.The sulphur helps synthesize oxygen whereas potassium maintains the water balance for proper cell metabolism, thus enabling absorption of nourishment to get rid of impurities.  Calcium cleans the pores, making cell membranes stronger and magnesium removes dirt and toxins from skin.


3) Salt for face exfoliation

This is one exfoliation technique that could be easily tried with readily available ingredients.

Massage your face and body with a miraculous mixture of 1 teaspoonful fine grained salt and 1teaspoonful olive oil.

4) Salt as a skin toner

Salt can be used to reduce facial oiliness and leave behind glowing, radiant skin.

 For this, fill a small spray bottle with tepid water mixed with a whole teaspoon salt and mist on face. The eye-region should be avoided and focus should be given to the cheek region. This is acts as an excellent skin toner.

5) Treatment of puffed eyes

Want to get rid of the puffy eyes that are making you look dull? Want to hide the fact that you underslept last night? Oops! No cucumber in the refrigerator. Then try this one….

Take some cotton pads and soak them in a solution of one teaspoon salt and hot water. This can be used for treating puffed eyes.

6) Salt scrub

Salt scrub can be used for scrubbing arms and legs to exfoliate dead skin cells and improve circulation.

After taking a relaxing shower, when your skin is still wet, sprinkle some salt on hands and rub it gently on arms and legs

7) Salt as facial steamer

Steam facials are the ultimate fad these days. Steaming the skin with salt before exfoliating opens up the pores

 Here’s how you can try the trick at home without having to go to the beauty salon…Boil one-third cup of sea salt in a small pan of water. Pour the solution so obtained in a bowl. Cover your face with a soft towel and keep it over the steam for around 10-15 minutes, but not more. Make sure the mouth of the bowl is big enough for your face to fit in and the steam is still coming out.

8) Salt for anti-aging

A sea salt bath reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulites. It restores healthy, radiant and youthful skin.

How it works?

Sodium is an important hydrating element. It actually acts in the molecular level as an anti-aging agent and defends the free radicals that accelerate the aging process.

Salt is a miracle, isn’t it?!






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