Risks and Solutions With Gel Manicure

UV light raises cancer risk

Some experts suggest that the UV lights used to dry regular or gel polish can rise your chances to getting skin cancer on your hands. However, according to a research, the result is exact opposite that UV-ray light exposure during manicures would not cause cancer. Bytheway, nail designs are a creative part of our life and also it is impossible to kick it out from our list of fashion. So now what is the best way to come out from the tension of cancer. Although granting a research it will take 250 years worth of weekly manicures to have an increased risk of cancer.

Solution: If you are very concern about the UV ray, make sure to apply sunscreen to your hands 20 minutes before reaching to the nail salon. Also, try to find out a salon that uses the LED light, which reduces the risk because you need to put your hands under UV lights.

May contain chemicals causing cancer

This time, the main culprit is BHA or butylated hydroxyanisole, a well-known causing agent for cancer. Many other chemicals also available like dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. All of this chemicals are may create a major cause of disturbing naturalness of your nails.

Solution: It is found in only some little number of nail gel polishes, so just be on the lookout. If you found BHA on the level, then you should process to the next polish.

Easy to get infection

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5Nl_UJRpa4-1J_Gx9ZCeMany people have a thinking that nail design is the cause of infection on nails. After all, think about how easy to get nicked in a nail salon, accepting all of this cutting, buffing and scrubbing of nails that goes there. Many health experts always warn against having nail cuties cut in nail salon because it raises the risk of infection.

Solution: To get relief from this risk you should bring your own nail file and buffing tools. Also, make that the salon where you used to go cleans its equipment after every use.

Avoid any unskilled technician

Generally, we don’t know our nail experts are really skilled or not. So, it is very difficult to find out a skilled expert. An unskilled expert may the cause of a major loss of your beautiful nail. So gather some information before entering a salon.

Solution: Go to a trusted nail expert with a lot of experience and you should be able to avoid unskilled nail experts who might not be doing your  manicure by using a book.

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