Reasons Why Hair Stops Growing After A Certain Length

Many women only wish to have hair like Troy Polamalu or even Jared Leto, but not all of us are as lucky. Hair is one of the focal aesthetic features for both men and women, and achieving length with even volume from root to tip, can be a quest but isn’t impossible for naturally healthy hair.

Why Hair Stops Growing After Certain Length

The hair growth cycle is divided into 3phases. The first phase is the anagen phase where a hair is produced from a hair follicle and grows on until 3-6years. The behavior of the anagen phase is responsible for the length of the hair. After the anagen period, enters the catagen phase which signals the hair follicles to cease the circulation of melanin to the hair, as a result, the hair follicle miniaturizes, and the hair sheds off eventually within 2weeks. The last is the telogen phase during which the hair follicle rests for a period of 1-4months before a new hair is regenerated with the anagen phase.

As every day, 25 to 100 hair follicles are drawn to the catagen and telogen phase, the greater amount of hair is at the anagen phase. And it is the shortening of the anagen phase that limits the length of hair. So the first thing to do is determine is any cause of hair damage or other factors that maybe effecting the anagen phase.

Common Factors That Prevent Hair To Grow Longer After A Certain Length

  • Health Condition And Lack Of Nutrition

The first thing that affects your hair growth is lack of nutrition and your overall health. Certain lifestyle habits like skipping breakfast and improper meals may look minor, but it can lead to poor hair growth. Lack of sleep and stress can also weaken hair growth, which is typical of the everyday working life of men and women.

  • Air Conditioner Causes More Hair Damage Than Sun Exposure

Environmental damage, like humidity, and excess sun exposure can lead to shocking the anagen phase to shorten, or the telogen phase to prolong. Air conditioners can damage hair greatly, as the conditioned air takes away a lot of moisture and with it essential nutrients that make hair brittle and dry.

  • Hair Styling and Heat Treatment

Most hair styling procedures as well as hair products damage hair or burn the hair, even if the hair appear smooth and silky. Hair gels clog the pores of hair follicles preventing enough oxygen supply.

  • Alopicia

Genetic or biological hair loss is medically termed as alopecia that may occur due to hormones or any other factor that interfere with the hair growth cycle. Androgenic alopecia is the most common diagnosis for common male baldness. However, it occurs in women as well, but is less common than men. Androgens convert into a steroid that inflames hair follicles permanently and leads to hairline recession or baldness in the front and center of the scalp. In women the same diagnosis sees profuse reduction of hair density, but not baldness.

  • How To Achieve More Length To Your Hair
  • Talk to a professional physician about the condition of your hair transplant
  • Eat healthy and have at least 8hours of sleep every day
  • Use bandana or scarf to cover your hair in humid areas and also when you have to spend long hours in an air-conditioned room
  • Have hair spa without heat at least twice a month
  •  Oil treatments are a great and inexpensive regimen that may be done once a week
  •  Do not overdo the hair oil as the oil build up in scalp can clog the pores of hair follicles from essential oxygen. Keeping the oil about 20mns to overnight is enough.

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