Problem Areas Treatable With VASER Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery, which gives you the body contouring methods, referred to as the VASER Liposuction (less invasive), and making the traditional procedure lot easier and assured outcome.

VASER Liposuction is a formidable advancement to the traditional liposuction process with some of the key factors as follows-

  • Day Case Surgery— No Hospital Stay!
  • Minimally Invasive— Risk Of  Nerve Damage, Scarring And Bruising
  • Local Anesthetic— Minimal Discomfort And No Naucratis Post Op
  • Stimulates Collagen- Firmer And Smoother Skin
  • Minimal Downtime—  You Can Heal Within Just A Few Weeks

Ideal Candidacy:

This surgery is ideal for patients who are as follows:

  • If you can stick to a strict diet and exercising regimen, it can help you to get back into shape pretty easily.
  • If you are not afflicted without any blood disorders, kidney and heart related diseases, which could impair with the surgery.
  • You have to refrain from smoking till the indicated timeframe which you had before surgery.
  • Around 10 Kg or 20 pounds of ideal body weight of the candidate who is seeking for a better body contour not weight loss programmer.

Consultation period:

The patient is treated by keeping in mind the current medical history, which is why it is really necessary that you disclose all your medical issues and previous things under the prescribed medication before undertaking the surgery.

All the basic organs of the patient like lung, kidney and heart, etc should be well checked to stay aware if the patients have any blood clotting issues or tendencies. It is highly necessary to understand that the patient should be free from any kind of medical conditions which can interfere later during the surgical procedure.

Owing to this specification, they have encouraged open communication in between the patient and the surgeon, and the candidate is needed to blurt their heart out during this consultation phase.


  • VASER Liposuction is administered under the effect of local anesthesia, which is treated subcutaneously through the injections. Numbing the area to be treated and enabling vasoconstriction (to avoid excess blood flow the area is stiffened) are the two main things which the local anesthesia is capable of.
  • The incisions made are 2mm wide, through which the VASER Lipo probe is inserted and reaches the fatty tissues through ultrasound vibrations which can help to liquefy the fat.
  • The liquid anesthesia is also drained out along with some bodily fluid, though the surgeon retouches some areas if required later on.
  • A cannula and an aspirator is used to drain out the fatty tissue out of the body during the process.

Final Results

The area which was treated is heavily padded and compressed for the 24*7 for the next 3 days, and it takes around 8 weeks to 4 months to witness the final outcome.

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