Pre-orders for HTC Vive start February 29

Smartphone maker HTC confirmed Monday it will begin accepting pre-orders for its virtual reality headset Vive on February 29.

Expected to launch in April, the Vive was co-produced by HTC and video game developers Valve Software. Along with the headset, the Vive packs two controllers users hold in each hand to track their movements.

Details on Vive’s pre-orders were first reported by The Telegraph, citing HTC CEO Cher Wang.

It’s not clear what minimum requirements consumers will need to meet in order to use HTC Vive. The company also has not shared details on price.

Last week, Oculus opened up pre-orders for its Rift headset, which starts shipping in March for $599. According to the Oculus website, shipments of new Rift pre-orders have been pushed back as far as June.

Meanwhile, Samsung already introduced its entry into VR with the Gear VR headset, compatible with select Samsung smartphones. Sony is expected to reveal details of its PlayStation VR device this year.

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