Orthodontics Dentistry helps in retaining back your smile

Centennial Orthodontics pride themselves on the ability of retaining your smile back. The staff is kind and committed to providing you with superior orthodontic services. Centennial orthodontist and their staff are committed dental specialists who focus on diagnosing, preventing, and treating of dental and facial abnormalities. The staff is experienced and dedicated to be sure patients are able to feel confident and comfortable with their treatment plan. Treatment is provided to children, teens, and adults, allowing your whole family the experience of retaining your smile back.

Centennial Orthodontics receives two to three years of additional training in straightening teeth, correcting misaligned jaw structures, and improving smile functionality, making them experts in their field of dentistry. Centennial Orthodontist use modern methods that allow patients to experience a faster and easier experience. With new and modern techniques, patients can accomplish better health function, aesthetic features, and oral and facial features that will help retain their smile throughout life.

To help retain the patients smile, Centennial Orthodontists specialize in several modern techniques that include Invisalign, self litigating braces, and clear/ceramic braces.

Invisalign braces are virtually invisible, allowing patients to be treated without being self conscious. The braces are removable, allowing patients to eat and drink normally and care for their teeth by brush and flossing without restriction. Patients can enjoy less frequent and shorter appointment times when being treated with Invisalign. Invisalign liners are worn by patients for 20-22 hours daily and need to be regularly cleaned. The liners are replaced per your treatment plan recommendation to straighten teeth, which for most patients is approximately every two to three months. The total treatment time is usually around fifteen months, making this treatment one of the quickest methods to straighten your smile.

The Damon system, is a method that provides faster results and takes fewer appointments in comparison to conventional braces. The Damon system will make narrow smiles fuller in appearance and produce better facial aesthetics creating an all-embracing smile. These braces are much smaller than traditional braces and allow teeth to be moved into position with less discomfort. Tieless Damon clear braces are another option and are made to be stain resistant and even more discrete in appearance.

Children with notable orthodontic issues are to receive early treatment. Early treatment of some problems can prevent worse issues that would require more invasive methods of treatment at an older age. Making on a child’s first appointment around the age of six will allow orthodontists to view jaw alignment and begin Phase I treatment if needed. X-rays, photographs, and teeth models are some of the ways used to determine if early treatment is necessary. Phase I treatment will assist in emerging teeth being able to fit and for the jaws to properly align with one another. Phase II treatment is a continuance of treatment to ensure a confident and healthy smile for child patients.

Centennial Orthodontics will ensure you have the smile you want with modern methods and a dedicated staff making your experience of retaining your smile back a great one!

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