Oily Skin? Tips for Choosing a Good Foundation

Oily skin can cause many problems in almost all types of weather. As compared to other types of skin, oily skin needs extensive care. While applying any kind of makeup over oily skin, one needs to have complete information about the effects of such make up. Similarly, pre-makeup foundation should also be applied in a special way. People with oily skin usually encounter many problems, like pimples, acne etc. Generally it is mentioned on the label which kind of skin each foundation product is produced for. While choosing a foundation for oily skin, a few things must be kept in mind:

Know what foundation is: Foundation is a liquid, paste or powder makeup that is used to tone your skin against any deficiencies. People with normal skin without any spots or the pores may opt for a relatively lighter or even no application of foundation. The foundation allows the skin to get ready and smooth for further makeup application. It is to be kept in mind that while purchasing an application for your skin, you must consider the type and requirement of your skin otherwise makeup could bring adverse results.

Problems of oily skin: Oily skin has a few common problems associated with it, which firstly include acne. Acne comes from oil accumulating on the skin surface and blocking the pores, combined with atmospheric impurities like dust causing blockage of the skin’s ability to breathe. The other problems are irritation, pimples and spots due to acne. While choosing a foundation one must consider that whether any of the ingredients in the foundation will cause further deterioration to their existing skin problem. If it is not easily understandable you may consult with your dermatologist for an expert opinion.

Extent of oil over skin: It must be borne in mind that sometimes oily skin is a temporary phenomenon and the type of skin is otherwise. Some people have normal to oily skin whereas some have totally oily skin. So, when selecting the foundation, just read over its label and select the best one suited to your skin conditions.

Foundations based on minerals: A wide variety of foundations are available which include mineral ingredients. These foundations are suitable for extremely oily skin. For less oily skin, the oily face wash or scrubs may augment the foundation when applied with care.

Foundations in powder form: The powder-type foundations are used for extreme oily skin where a liquid or paste may further exaggerate the oily look over the skin. The powder works as an absorbent and makes the skin look more normal. The powder foundations are not long lasting, though. Moreover, they can’t be very effective in the summer season or hot atmosphere where the powder will smear or melt due to sweating.

Foundation is probably the first makeup application which prepares your skin for another cosmetic treatment, therefore, if selected and applied with care will bring awesome results. At the same time, if proper attention is not given to this segment, even expensive makeup can not bring you desirable results.

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