New hairstyle design: The gym hair trends!

Want to know how you can be comfortable yet still look good when working up a sweat? Well, here is the answer! If you have short hair, you’re lucky because you have one less thing to worry about, and that is managing your hair when you’re working out. But for those with long hair, it’s a big hassle to try and keep it from getting in the way of your training. Exercising with your hair down will make you sweatier and will get wandering hairs in your face, which is really uncomfortable. Plus, you’ll look like a mess just 5 minutes into your practice. That’s why we’ve gathered the 5 best and comfiest hairstyle designs for long hair that will keep it fixed and out of the way so you can focus on shedding those love handles or getting your six packs.

–          The classic ponytail

This seems like a given. It keeps the hair out of your face and it looks good on pretty much everyone. Just make sure you use a good elastic band that’s not worn out so you don’t have to adjust it every couple of minutes.

But the ponytail does have a couple of downsides. If you’re running long distances, it might bother you that your hair keeps swinging left and right. And if your activity involves lying down, the elastic band will give you a headache. In these cases, it’s better to try one of the next hairstyle designs.

–          The bun

This is one of the most secure hairstyle designs for long hair. No matter how much you budge, it won’t! If you put it high enough, it won’t bother you whether you’re lying down, jumping, or running. But make sure to lock it well in place; don’t use a pen to hold it up.

–          The Dutch braid

Just because you’re at the gym doesn’t mean you can’t look good! Intertwine your hair into a cute Dutch braid for a fashionable look that’s also sure to make you forget you have hair at all. You can also make it into a side braid.

–          The double French braid bun

If you don’t like keeping your hair loose while you exercise, you can do a double French braid, and then twist them together into a bun. Double security!

–          The headband

You can wear a headband with any of the hairstyle designs we’ve already covered. And if you want to keep your hair down but out of your face, all you need is to pull your hair back from the front with a headband!

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