Natural Artisan Soap offers vegan soaps and so much more

Did you know that your skin is an organ of your body? It is, in fact, your largest bodily organ. If stretched completely out, your skin would cover somewhere between 18 and 21 square feet of area – that’s a big surface area. This amazing organ regenerates itself constantly – creating a new layer about every 28 days. What you put on your skin is absorbed into your skin – so it is vitally important that you are conscious of what you do come into contact with.

That said, the daily activity of bathing means you are bringing your largest body organ into contact with a substance that can have ingredients that might not be so great for your internal systems when absorbed. That substance is your soap or shower gel. Nearly all bathing products on your local store shelves are actually a combination of chemical detergents, toxic chemicals, and artificial lathering components. There is nothing resembling nature in the “soap” you can get from your store.

Real soap that is made with natural ingredients can have a healing effect for your skin – for acne and eczema and other conditions of the skin. The actual soap making process is known as “saponification” and it means that you are combining fats and lye to form a “salt” which is known as soap. When this process is complete, the molecules of both sets of ingredients are changed so you no longer have either fat or lye in the finished product. Both are “consumed” and that is how you end up with something that cleanses and soothes.

At Serene Suds, we are purposeful in how we go about saponification – we are dedicated to using only the best ingredients to create our recipes for soaps that are kind to your precious skin. They are ingredients that can be absorbed by your body with no ill effects because they are natural instead of toxic and synthesized. You can be sure that what you receive from our handmade soap business is real and good for you – it is our promise to all our customers both current and potential.

We realize that you are looking for alternatives to the commercial offerings out there that are nothing but a lot of chemicals you don’t want for your family. That was the main reason Serene Suds was started. All our soaps are homemade and vegetarian at the least, and we also have some vegan soap choices as well for those who wish to avoid all animal products in every way.

With vegan soap choices like Lotus, which is a loofah exfoliating soap with lavender, and Salted Rose, which is a rose clay and Himalayan Pink Salt soap, you have options that soothe your senses while they cleanse your body. All of the Serene Suds soaps are like that as the vegetarian versions are very close to the vegan with just the addition of some natural ingredients like honey or Tussah silk.

When you are looking for something that feeds your body instead of slowly adding toxins you don’t need, you can count on Serene Suds to bring you high quality, natural soaps you will love to experience.

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