Mothers Can Learn Many Things on Aromatherapy Reading E-Books

When a child takes birth, that moment is filled with joy. However, some mothers feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Many women are not familiar with natural ways of getting relief from discomfort during childbirth. Essential oils are used by many midwives to get relief from labor pains and facilitate the labor to progress. Essential oils provide mental, physical and emotional support to expecting mothers. These oils do not have artificial properties. Therefore, the usage of essential oils is safe both for the mother and the baby.   It is advised to seek the help of a trained aromatherapist professional.

Essential Oils That Help Labor in Progress:

When it is time to act, you would be asking your friends or relatively to offer some suggestions to you. However, you can save time if you can go through some aromatherapy ebooks.

You can prepare your own labor kit by mixing right essential oils with a carrier oil of your choice. You can select almond, apricot or coconut as carrier oil. You can skip the usage of carrier oil by choosing a diffuser. Choose these essential oils if you want to facilitate labor pain in a natural manner.


Geranium allows de-stressing and calm down laboring mothers and create a peaceful environment. This essential oil is used during second and third trimester for treating edema, exhaustion, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. The oil has anti-bacterial properties. The oil can be used as anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory medicines. Geranium provides the best result during the perineal massage.

Clary Sage:

Expecting mothers should not use Clary Sage during pregnancy. If the delivery date has passed, then the doctor recommends using this essential oil so that the labor can progress naturally. Expecting mothers can apply this oil in a blend and rub abdomen or ankles.

Roman Chamomile:

Roman chamomile is a very calming oil and a great asset when used in keeping the expectant mother calm.  It is great for supporting stress and anxiety.  This is a plus for first time pregnancies.  Jasmine is an essential oil that can be used during pregnancy.


Peppermint oil is used for moving babies who are posterior or breech. By rubbing this diluted essential oil on lower back or abdomen, it can help baby to take the optimal birth position.   This oils helps in tonifying the body and restoring balance.


Lavender oil is useful for pain management. This oil also helps the mother to get relief from pains in legs and back. The oil provides relief from headaches. Lavender also helps to eliminate pains after labor. Lavender is mixed with coconut oil and applied on stretch marks to soften them.


YlangYlang provides relaxation by increasing calmness. The oil is helpful in lowering blood and allows mothers to breathe at a normal rate.


Roseotto oil is the best essential oil for rejuvenating tissue and skin. This oil is great to use for anxiety due to its ability to cool and calm the heart.  The nature of Rose is love and this is a plus when welcoming a new love one into the mother’s life.

Essential oils provide benefits beyond pregnancy. Mothers can know details of essential oils by reading ebooks on aromatherapy. These oils can even be used for easing symptoms of cold, increasing milk supply, etc.

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