More About The Vampire Facelifts

Vampires are quite a popular thing on the big screen and the concept of vampires keep looking younger by sucking in more blood from their prey is clear to us all.

Coming from that idea, the blood facelift or vampire facelift is a cosmetic procedure which includes the procedure of drawing blood from the patient’s own arms  and then the plasma and the platelets are separated from the red blood cells. With the help of a centrifuge.

The golden colored platelet –rich plasma is injected onto the patient’s face offering a skin which can stimulate the production of more collagen and visibly reduced skin wrinkles. The PRP or platelet rich plasma is in use for sometime fro the system of wound healing and thus the injected in the areas which lack volume in the face, finds the much needed volume, naturally.

Facial rejuvenation

PRP is combined with the dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane to compose a solution which is meant for the facial rejuvenation.  This 3-D operation reshapes and also lifts the facial skin with the best skin laxity and offers the lacking volume to make the face appear way more rejuvenated than before.


PRP is also allowed to use in the orthopedic surgery and several other  non surgical procedures. It is FDA approved and is also cosmetically used to reverse the visible signs of aging, with  injectable fillers offering you the initial round of volume and skin tightness. Introduction of PRP in the skin can make your skin appear younger as it stimulates the cell growth amount and offers a lasting result.

Costing idea

The recommended dosage of three sessions which must be taking place with a gap of four weeks for a year, should cost around £600 a session and £2000 on the total, considering that it is a non invasive measure.

Global awareness

Global awareness wise, this procedure promises the safest and the best skin rejuvenation, making it a point of attraction for all.   You will be receiving a natural glow and refreshed look on your face, with the procedure being ideal for the patients wishing for a better result. And the best part of this form of facelift is that there is no risk of choosing the treatment mode as it takes comparatively lesser recovery time and safer than many other traditional methods.

 Why go for the vampire facelift?

There are many ways to rejuvenate the face with a consistent result. Vampire facelift is one such way which uses a Hyaluronic acid (HA) to lift the skin from the bone for restoring its lost shape and volume.

Though this filler can cause  problems near the eye area and can cause wrinkles and straighten folded layers of skin, allowing to improve the texture and your skin tone uniformly.

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