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Miss Universe Pageant 2015 – Who Deserved It: Miss Colombia or Miss Jamaica?

It is good news that newcomers have an equal chance of winning the annual miss universe contest. This year’s miss universe pageant winner happens to be Miss Colombia – Paulina Vega – a new face in the zone. But who exactly deserved the title? Was it Miss Colombia or Miss Jamaica?

Vega is 22 years old, a student of business administration, whereas Kaci is a model, student and the winner of the contest ‘Jamaica’s next top model’. Both were highly competitive, however there were different opinions and one of them suggests that the crown got ‘stolen’ from Miss Jamaica. Other than these two, there were participants from more than eighty other countries. A huge crowd expressed disappointment when it was announced that Kaci lagged 4 ranks behind Vega; numerous critics opined that it was because of her hairstyle and limited knowledge about the contest’s rules.

Her family believes that the authorities were ’unclear’ about the factors. As it looked obvious to many that Miss Jamaica stood out among all the other contestants, others were quite satisfied with the judges choice. Miss Jamaica also said that she was representing herself as what she actually is; her short haircut was what she likes and how she wants herself to look like.

On the other hand the Latinos at Miami supported Miss Colombia. Soon after she was crowned as Miss Universe, her homeland had started with their celebrations on other news. At the same time there was a completely opposite story between the audiences, when the final announcements were made, concerning the aforementioned conflict of opinions. There are certain factors which are considered as the root cause behind the decision of the judges.

  • Some believed her sharp, spiky and short haircut as the root cause behind the results.
  • Another rumored reason for her not getting crowned – this may seem wrong to many – is her statement that Bob Marley and Usain Bolt are the chief contribution by Jamaica to the world.

Just these reasons and a highly deserving candidate didn’t get her deserving position? Maybe it is not always a good choice to flaunt originality, especially at such a contest with defined standards. Or maybe the pageant doesn’t define beauty standards for every woman. It’s all about the perspective; you can either win prizes and contests or exhibit your original image. All in all, this year, the crowning of the beauty pageant for miss universe was considered pretty controversial.

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