Men Grooming – Useful tips to rejuvenate the dull skin

For men, when it comes to grooming, all they know is shaving, shampooing hair, spraying perfumes over sharp suits. All this could make you a heartthrob at your workplace. And if luck is on your side, any girl may even fall for you.


But here we are not talking about the way you should look rather, emphasizing on your well-being. This article pinpoints a common skin care problem that almost every man struggles with –a tired & dull skin and a knackered complexion.


Like women, men too have to struggle with dull and lifeless skin, which could be caused by a number of lifestyle habits – poor diet, weekend binges, or insufficient sleep. Your skin reflects the way you live your life.


No matter how busy your schedule is, try out these grooming tips to get the perfect skin (you don’t have to put balanced diet and regular exercise on the back burner).


Prefer a cleanser/toner

The soap you have been using is bad for your skin, and contributes its fair share to make your skin dull. It makes your skin incredibly harsh and dry. Here, you have a better option – a toner or cleanser – to remove all dirt, dried sweat, sebum and all of the harmful pollutants from your skin. You can make a cleanser part of your daily cleaning regime (both at morning and night).

After wiping out dirt with a cleaner, you should use a toner. It helps remove excess oil and sebum, leaving skin clean. Regular cleaning can result in acne-free skin.

To make skin look youthful and clear, you should browse Vichy Homme Range to get a moisturizer best suited to your skin type.



This treatment is always suggested to girls in order to attain clearer skin. But it also works wonder on tough skin of men. Dirt and grime deep seated in your skin cause blackheads and painful zits. Alas, skin suffering from these problems could be the biggest turn off.

So, you are suggested to exfoliate once or twice a week along with using cleanser and toner.



Moisturizing should be the most important thing that you should religiously follow. Regular moisturizing with quality moisture from Vichy Homme range can help you restore skin’s elasticity which can prevent fine lines and wrinkles.


Protection against sun

Sunscreens are not solely meant for girls, men can also protect their skin from harmful rays of sun with quality sun block cream. It helps your skin keep glowing and healthy.

Along with this, you should use body wash to make your skin lively and look energetic.

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