Many Women into Gel Nail

In today’s fashion, “Gel Nail” is trending, especially with new generation working  young women. Basically, gel nail is a type of gel used on nails and hardened with a special light. It stays from three weeks to one month, very simple to complex designs with a decorative element can be enjoyed.

Generally nail designs has different types and it is a fashion that creates individuality. The petition of gel nail is that it can be done at home, no need to go to a salon and invest a whole day. It stays much longer than a conventional manicure. The most beneficial thing is, if you are doing homework like washing things with water, you don’t need to worry about your beautiful nails. Gail nail is not only fashionable but also offers to strengthen the nails of people with thin nails and exact misshapen nails.

We all know that nail salon charges a good amount for one visit. But self-gel nail kits can be purchased online. You should remember that, until you get used to it, it is little hard to apply the gel with your non-dominant hand, but after repeating it many times you get a better result.

Once you are completed, nobody will have appropriately the same nails as you. Because there are so many beautiful colours and designs are available, the overall effect is awesome. However, nails that are extra long, or designs that are extra flashy do not necessarily go down well with family friends or members. In additional, likened to connectional polish, it is little more difficult to remove, it takes about an hour to shave the gel off with a nail file and remove by a special liquid.

There also have many plus sides while you are using gel nail. You can apply it when you are watching tv at home, listening to music or just casually together with your friends. In addition, coming up a brand new and original design and developing it oneself delivers an enjoyable sense of achievement and fun, that is why many women are captivated by gel nail. It offers freedom to do any work when you are using gel nail and it is the main advantage women are taking.

Basically, women enjoy adapting their clothes, hairstyle and makeup granting to the season or mood. All of this advantages are women getting in the gel nail. It offers variety, beauty, and individuality. In an exact way, they enjoy changing up nail design as the vital part of their own style. It is also like clothes, you get an option to match it to what you are wearing and replace it depending on the season or mood you are in. Many nail supply products can offer to change your mood but gel polish can women feel clean cut but pretty without the use of statement colour when a use of colour can make them feel girly and an experimental person. Some women like gel nail because they didn’t like their natural nail colour and they get a long list of option when they are using gel nail. In additional, taking care of one’s nails is a very important part of personal grooming.

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