Liposuction vs Non Invasive Fat Reduction Procedures

There are various unwanted deposits of fatty layers in varied parts of our body.

It may be from the persistent stomach pouch that you gained from pregnancy or due to some other region like the thighs and flanks with localized fats. But it can can get rid of easily if you wish to.

Liposuction is one of the most popular and most popular performed cosmetic procedures which has been in the top list of the cosmetic surgeries now. This process is known for assuring safety and effectiveness of a procedure which can successfully refined the body contour and permanently reduces fat.

Non surgical ways of reducing the fat have also been tracked in the recent years. No incisions required, no anesthesia and less downtime are the main features which nowadays the body contouring treatments are typically like.

Liposuction Vs. Non Surgical Fat Reduction Means: Pros And Cons

 There are both advantages and disadvantages of the non surgical procedures and liposuction. Let’s check out to understand more.

  • Measuring The Extent Of Invasiness

Liposuction is way more aggressive a method to create a trauma in the area of treatment and fat reduction.

Patients will experience swelling, bruising, swelling upto 10 days post procedure.

  • Downtime Difference

 The process of healing depends upon many a things. But the healing period depends upon how far the individual patient can restrict herself from excess daily activities and the maintain the postoperative guidelines. But the lesser invasive procedure obviously lesser healing time than the liposuction process directly. Though the results may be comparatively less noticeable, but you can  return to your life faster than what you will be capable if you opt for the liposuction method.

  • Results

With liposuction you will take atleast 6 months to show the actual result, while the non invasive techniques like cool sculpting and other non-invasive procedures will take much longer than that. But it is important that you know that none of them are a replacement for weight loss programs and requires dramatic and lasting results.

Looking into which is  right?

 Liposuction  is a wonderful option which can help you to eliminate a large amounts of excess fatty deposits. It can significantly improve your problem areas and help you achieve the figure that you desire.

But definitely comes with greater risk and higher costing if compared to the non- invasive techniques.  While the non surgical fat reduction techniques can have a good elasticity, but will work slower on the stubborn trouble spots.

Liposuction is particularly effective in removing excess fat from areas like abdomen, back, thighs and can assure to a certain extent that it would not come back to trouble you again on those particular spots if maintained well, but the non invasive procedures cannot exactly take  assurance of that.

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