Liposuction evolving To Ultrasound Vaser Liposuction

Plastic surgeons perform the surgery using an instrument called a cannula that looks like a large needle inserted inside the patient’s skin of the treatable region, under local anaesthesia. The cannula is prodded into fatty tissues to separate the fat from the skin, very systematically and cautiously avoiding damage to surrounding nerves and muscles as much as possible. This prodding of the cannula breaks and emulsify (turn into a semi liquid) the fat. Once all the excess fat is liquefied, the oily liquid is drained out of the body with a suction mechanism using an aspirator and via a pipe attached with the cannula.

Ultrasound Liposuction Popularised By Vaser

VASER Lipo is an advanced automated variant of the traditional manual procedure. Meaning, the cannula is powered with an ultrasound-assisted workstation.

While poking the cannula under the skin, ultrasound oscillations emitted through the VASER cannula results in melting down the fat in a more precise and less invasive manner than manual cannulas. This is meant to reduce the risk of damaging surrounding nerves or tissues as is associated with the manual procedure. However, reduced risk does not mean “no risk”. In the end of the day, the surgeon is the most important factor in the success of the surgery, and not the gadgetry.

One more automated liposuction type is SMART Lipo, which uses laser to omit through the cannula, instead of ultrasound.

If patients seek Smart Lipo, or even Manual Liposuction, it may be available at Harley Body Clinic on request.

VASER Hi Def Liposuction/ Lipo-Sculpture/ Body Sculpting/ Abs Etching/ 4D Lipo

All these names are of a same procedure. The procedure involves creating artificial musculature like six pack abs, turtle abs, and other such features by grooving one’s localized fat with the use of specialized VASER ultrasonic cannulas. This procedure is largely sought after for six pack abs, but can be used anywhere in the body.

A variant of body sculpting by VASER is Mid Def Liposculpture, which does the same thing of creating artificial musculature, but in a softer tone, most probable for women.  (See Images for better understanding).

The six packs are artificial and needs the accomplice of adequate exercise and dieting (after downtime) to enjoy best results.

Body Mass Index Range

Despite being a fat removal surgery, liposuction is NOT indicated for weight loss, but to shift small pocket or pouch of fatty bulge from selective regions of body that may or may not lead to minor weight reduction. The patient’s BMI (body mass index) range has to be within 2stones/10-15kg/20-25pounds to their ideal to avail the surgery.

Is the surgery Outpatient/ Inpatient basis?

This is usually an outpatient procedure when performed under local anaesthesia, but in case of general anaesthesia is used, the patient has to stay at the hospital overnight. In case of large volume liposuction, the might have to stay for 2-3nights depending on their condition.


Usually it takes 1week to two weeks depending on the patient and extent of the surgery. Large volume fat removal can span up to 3weeks of downtime.


Usually one area fat removal costs £1,900. Multiple areas can cost beyond £6,500.

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