Let the Peptides Work When You Use Melanotan Injections

Melanotan or MT2 is an injectable form of a peptide hormone that promote sunless tanning. This sunless tanning treatment works by stimulating the alpha melanocyte receptors of the body, resulting to the formation of melanin which is a normal response to sun exposure.

Dosing Recommendations for Melanotan Injections

This sunless tanning treatment requires a cumulative dosing to become effective. In fact, the needed dose is about 10 mg to 40 mg. The dose will vary depending on your needs and preferences.

For instance, fairer individuals require higher doses of this injection. Depending on the total amount needed as well as the daily dosing of the user, Melanotan injections must be started at least a week before the need for improved tanning.

In the typical setting, this sunless tanning treatment must be started a month before the need for improved tan complexion. For maintenance, a maintenance dose may be introduced once a week to make the tan complexion last long and improve over time. 

How to Use Melanotan

Melanotan is available in powdered form, which is stored in vials. Each vial of this sunless tanning product contains 10 mg of freeze-dried powder. The vials need to be reconstituted with sterile water. The sterile water will be introduced into the vial using a syringe. The amount of sterile water will depend on your needs.

For instance, if you incorporate 2.5 ml of sterile water in a vial containing 10 mg of Melanotan substance, it can be derived that the resulting solution will contain 4mg of Melanotan in every 1 ml. If you need a dose of 1 mg, you need to aspirate about 0.25 ml of the solution. The substance is then injected into your muscles, fats or through your veins, depending on your preference.

The injection of Melanotan may be done once every day. However, if it is your first time using this sunless tanning treatment, you can divide the dose into two smaller amounts which will be injected twice a day. By doing so, you will be able to measure your tolerance to the drug. Moreover, this should also determine whether or not you are allergic to the substance.

Once allergic reactions occur, it is advised not to continue with the treatment. However, allergic reactions rarely occur.  After reconstitution of the sterile water into the Melanotan vial, it must be consumed within 30 days. Once opened, the vial must be stored in the refrigerator.

The typical dosage range for this sunless tanning treatment is 0.5 mg to 2.0 mg per day. The preferred range is about 0.5 mg to 1.0 mg per day. However, since it is best to assess tolerance to the drug, a lower dose of 0.25 mg may be indicated at a time. The use of Melanotan must be discontinued if problems like increased growth, number and darkness of moles is experienced.

The effect of this sunless tanning treatment is fairly long lasting. In fact, it can sometimes take a year before the effect totally fades. With maintenance doses, the effects are maintained indefinitely. Maintenance doses may be introduced once a week or so depending on your preferences. The dosage will also depend on your tanning needs.

Other Benefits of Melanotan

Melanotan does not only give you a rich tan complexion, as this is also used for its pro-sexual effect. Men with erectile dysfunction can benefit from using this product. This treatment can increase the frequency of penile erection. Moreover, this can also increase the sex drive of both men and women.

As a treatment for erectile dysfunction, Melanotan may be injected at least four to six hours prior to the time when you want to achieve the desired effect. The duration of the effect can last for about six to 12 hours after the onset of the effect.

The dosage required for pro-sexual effect is about 1 mg. However, some can already achieve the effects with a dose of 0.5 mg. In terms to the right dosing, it is important to take note that this must not exceed 2 mg.

Due to the tanning effects of Melanotan, the frequency of usage for the purpose of achieving erection is limited. If you wish to take a medication that can increase the chances of penile erection, you can consult your health care provider and seek out alternative drugs for the said purpose.

Potential Side Effects of Melanotan

Melanotan belongs to the class of alphamelanocyte-stimulating hormone mimetic or alpha-MSH mimetic. The alphamelanocyte-stimulating hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and functions as an activator of the alpha-melanocyte receptors.

That being said, Melanotan works the same way as the alphamelanocyte-stimulating hormone. It can activate the alpha-melanocyte receptors to induce the naturally tanning process or skin pigmentation.

This sunless tanning treatment has numerous other side effects. For instance, this sunless tanning treatment can suppress the user’s appetite, resulting to weight loss. However, the weight loss rarely becomes significantly alarming.

This treatment can also darken light colored hair. The effects on the hair, however, are less noticeable compared to its tanning effects on the skin. Aside from these side effects, the user of Melanotan may also feel light headed, nauseated and tired while taking the treatment.

These undesired effects will eventually clear out. In addition, you should also watch out for the hyperpigmentation, increase in growth and increase in the number of moles. Such side effect must be monitored as it can become rather permanent.

Should You Opt for Melanotan?

With the growing trend of tanning, there are definitely a lot of tanning products you can choose. However, in choosing a product, you have to be cautious with your choices and make sure that the products do not only provide you with the results you desire but also reduce the risk of developing skin conditions.

While tanning lotions and sprays are available, these products may not be a viable option if you do not have spare time to spend on applying the product perfectly without any streaks. Moreover, you have to make sure that you apply these products evenly to get great results.

Melanotan injections may be the best option for you, as this stimulates the natural tanning process without the need of sun exposure. Moreover, you can simply sit back and wait for the effects to occur. You do not have to worry about streaks and uneven application as this product spreads out evenly throughout the body. 

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