Laser Eye Color Change Surgery to Turn Brown Eyes into Blue – Isn’t It Amazing?

Blue eyes no doubt have always been fascinated by a large number of stardom people. It just not turn the celebs to become the heartthrob of millions within minutes but studies say that people with blue eyes have a fair chance to stand out of the crowd.

The studies say there is just 17 percent of the population in the world who are having blue eyes, so most of the people want to make brown eyes blue. It is possible for the actors to use contact lens on and off for their shoots or fashion shows. However, today you can permanently make your brown eyes changed into blue through a medical procedure.

Laser eye color change surgery is one of the best processes to eliminate the brown melanin that is located in the anterior layers of our iris. As per the eyes specialists, we have come to hear that under every brown eye there is a blue eye. The surgery does not add any blue pigment; the main difference between the blue eye and brown eye is that the former has a thin pigmentation layer on the surface.

As soon as you are done with the surgery, you take the pigment away so that light can easily enter the stroma. The little fibers resemble the bicycle spokes in the light eye, and they reflect short wavelengths when the light scatters, and it is the blue end of the spectrum.

Many companies who have been developing the laser treatment disrupt the pigmented layer and cause the body to remove the tissues naturally. The procedure generally takes just 20 seconds, but the blue eye lurking below will take several weeks to emerge. However, laser eye color change surgery is one of the safe, cheap, and most convenient options than other alternatives available.

Laser treatment allows the iris to get a quick repair and does not have any connection with the pupil. At the same time it also does not treat any portion inside the eye consisting of the nerves, responsible for the vision, are located. The medical body has all the right to be skeptical when it comes to know how to make brown eyes blue using laser process as it deal with the most sensible part of our body. However, during the operation the main concern is those of the pigments inside the eyes so that they do not get clogged up in the regular drainage channels as this in turn can increase the pressure in the inner part of the eye.

Take a reference from the experts; seek their consultation before you indulge into a permanent change of your eye color.

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