Laser Acne Scar Treatment Myths- Busted

Laser treatment  or acne scars is extremely popular as it’s the most effective treatment for the same. Over the years, it has been proved that the acne laser treatments are really effective and a considerable number of people are willing to spend on it, in order to regain their confidence.

Pixels of laser light wavelengths enter the skin and produce a controlled damage to the scarred collagen fibres. This stimulates the production of new and healthy collagen which leads to the gradual effacement of scars over 4-5 sessions.  The redness which occurs after the healed acne lesion also vanishes. Few people actually know how it works, which leads to speculations and myths. We have busted a few myths about laser for acne scar removal.

Myth 1 : It burns the Skin !

Laser does burn the targeted areas, but  it is a purposeful controlled burn that eventually leads to repairing of the scars. People often assume it will hurt – which  is not true. The procedure is made comfortable by the application of  numbing gel and doesn’t hurt at all. On the contrary, you get a rejuvenated, glowing look every time you get the treatment.

Myth 2 : Overnight Results

The results of the laser treatment are no doubt faster, but still it is impossible to get overnight results.  Skin repair is a gradual process and hence it takes some time for the scars to improve. The improvement is noticeable 8-10 weeks after the laser treatment starts. However, you get the maximum result 6 months after the last laser session.

Myth 3 : Shouldn’t be combined with other treatments 

Getting a laser acne treatment doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot combine it with any other acne treatment.  Laser treatment can be performed even if you are taking oral medicines or any other acne medication.

Myth 4 : Treatment is done in one session

Nowadays acne scar laser is done in a fractional manner, which means in one sitting 10-15% of the entire scar area is targeted. This is done to prevent side effects like pigmentation. Hence multiple sessions, typically 4-6, are required for the complete result.

Don’t let myths prevent you from losing out on the benefits of this wonderful treatment,  which is a miracle of science – a refinement of many years of painstaking research by scientists and doctors the world over. Always consult an expert to know the facts about laser treatment  for acne scars. Visit L  A Skin & Aesthetic Clinic if you have any further questions regarding this treatment.



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