Keranique is for All Hair Textures


Got straight and fine hair? Such hair looks lovely when well-maintained. The only problem is that they tend to become limp. Don’t wash them for two days and they fall depressed and flat over your shoulders…and if they are oily in nature the problem worsens. Keranique can help, say experts.


Keranique’s formulation is light in weight. Fine hair gets weighed down easily; so you need feathery light shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. The brand’s formulation is infused with keratin based substances that coat hair to create a protective film. The same film adds to the volume. This makes fine hair look voluminous and solves your hair’s limp problem.

The coat increases shine of hair. Straight hair looks glamorous when they exude a shine. You need nothing else with such hair. How they enhance your overall beauty!

Got curly and frizzy hair?

Interestingly, Keranique tackles curly and frizz-prone hair too. The same keratin coat works here. It closes cuticles and smooths hair texture. This reduces frizziness on hair.

Users report that Keranique’s products make curly hair more manageable. They tangle lesser and are easier to comb. They exude greater shine and bounce. In other words, your hair comes to life by adopting Keranique’s hair care system.

Keranique’s shampoo is known to keep hair well moisturized for longer. This contributes to styling your tresses in a neat manner, with lesser strand breakage and a reduced struggle. Fly-away strands won’t irritate you anymore. Rough hair gives you a tough fight. They seem to be angry. On the other hand, smooth hair obeys your commands. They seem to be happy.

What about coarse-textured tresses?

Coarse hair often tends to look like a bird’s nest. You must keep them well conditioned, say experts. Deep conditioning once in a while helps. Tresses may appear dull due to their coarseness. They need constant pamper to keep them shining and neat. You may not always have the time to undergo elaborate hair treatments. Keranique’s collection can help you maintain your coarse hair without efforts.

While styling coarse hair, make sure you use styling products that do not produce a stiffening effect on hair. It makes your hairstyle look weird. Keranique reviews talk good about its mousse and hairspray. The presence of keratin amino acid complex in both products makes them a nourishing formula. Experts recommend them to style rough, wild hair. They are non-sticky and non-stiffening.

It is often found that darker hair is thicker, while blonde hair is finer. Curly tresses may need extra care and pamper. Essential oils of scalp fail to travel to hair tips due to whorls and twists along the strand length. So, hair tips tend to become rough and dry. That’s why they need regular conditioning to maintain their texture and beauty.

The secret to beautiful, well managed hair is the use of hair products according to your hair type and texture. Keranique is a good choice, say experts. It caters to all hair demands. It keeps your mane happy. Millions of women testify to this fact.

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