Important Bridal Eye Makeup Tips to Look Gorgeous

Your wedding is the most important event in your life and every woman wants to look beautiful and radiant bride with their makeup that enhances their natural beauty. Every blush, smile and posture will be filmed has to be picture perfect and to have a flawless look all through your big day, it is important to plan your wedding makeup. From hairstyles, makeup, dress, accessories and shoes, these are few of the things that need to be planned properly. Since eyes speak volumes and are the most important feature of your face, bridal eye makeup should be perfect to highlight them and add sparkle to the face.

Here in this article, we will discuss some important bridal eye makeup tips so that you have a long lasting makeup for the eyes that give a dramatic makeup look.

Use a concealer: Most of us have dark circles under the eyes and this usually makes us look tired and stressed. For bridal eye makeup, use a good concealer to hide the dark patches and choose the perfect color tone that matches your skin. Try to choose a concealer with matte shades.

Eye shadow: Your eye shadow colors should perfectly match with your wedding dress. But if you are confused with the shade, then you may choose to go with smoky eyes. This should be done by moving inside to outside and applying multiple strokes at the end of the eyes.  In case you are using any dark shades, then apply fewer strokes.

Applying shimmer:  For Indian bridal eye makeup, you can choose to apply shimmer on the lower part of the eyelids and a contrast shimmer on the upper half of the eyelid. But don’t forget to blend them well in the center so that it does not look off. Use a lighter shade on the lower half. You can prefer to use shades of golden or copper.

Eye liner:  Always choose a waterproof eye liner and this bridal eye makeup tip is very important to follow as it will save you from getting the kajal smeared. Eye liners are now available in a wide variety. Choose a perfect color depending on your attire and apply a thin layer so that it perfectly blends with the eyelashes. 

Eyebrows: Get your eyebrows shaped a day before your wedding ceremony. Apply a dark pencil color on them to get a deeper look. While using a brush, make sure to choose a small one so that the color does not get scattered.

Mascara: Long eyelashes will make your eyes look bright and sparkling. To thicken your eye lashes, apply double coats of mascara and use a curler once it dries up. Apply the mascara firmly without spoiling the kajal or the liner. You can also use artificial eye lashes to enhance them.

Highlighter: After the entire eye makeup is done, you can add a light matte shade highlighter to highlight the bone below your eyes. Apply it inwards to outwards and blend it well with the skin color.

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