How To Rock A Haircut If You Are A Black Man With A Big Forehead

Black men have natural kinky hair but it can be curly for some. When looking for the perfect haircut, the facial features including the shape of the face should matter. There are so many styles for black men, but what works for one individual might not work as well for another. The truth is that you really cannot change your facial features, but you can work your hair in such a way that things such as wide foreheads do not appear as pronounced. Apart from the haircuts and styles, some color can also make a difference to your general appearance.

Big forehead and thin hair

To style a big forehead when you have thin hair, it is best that you stick to short hair lengths. It is also best that you choose hairstyles that tend to add some volume to the hair such as short afros. When you comb your afro out, attention is taken off the forehead and it actually appears smaller. Thin hair is actually easier to work with and you can try a number of looks and still look great as long as the style you select makes the forehead appear narrower. It would be a good idea to get the services of a professional stylist and barber to help you select the best hairstyles for wide big foreheads.

Big forehead and round face  

To style a big forehead with a round face, choose hairstyles that have the sides shaved and the crown left with some hair on. You can also go for bald hairstyles that do not make the big forehead that obvious. The bald shave is actually one of the best for black guys who have big foreheads because it does not enhance the hairline and it therefore becomes hard to tell where the forehead starts. The men should also ensure that they keep off close cuts that show the hairline; they should just have the bald haircut done.

Big forehead and dreads

Dreadlocks are very popular among black men. What you should remember is that by tying them back in a ponytail you could end up giving emphasis to the forehead even more. A good style would be to have the locks on your crown cut short in such a way that they can fall in a stylish fringe on your forehead. Medium locks will add volume and will leave the face and the head looking symmetrical. Another great way of working the dreads would be to hold them with a side bang so they tend to cover up the forehead or make it look smaller as they pass to the side. You can also let the dreads flow freely to your head sides to narrow down the face and the forehead for that matter.

If you do not like the bald look, then the hair on your crown is where the emphasis should be if you want to achieve a stunning haircut without highlighting the big forehead. 

There are so many haircuts that are ideal for black men, including those with wide foreheads. Have a look at the many options you have before you select the most appropriate cut for your natural features. 

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